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November 6, 2013

cactus shoppingcacti shoppingcacti shoppingcacti shoppingcacti shoppingcacti shoppingcacti shoppingcactus shoppingThough my main birthday request was to stay home and clean, another one was to go and find a pretty cactus to bring indoors. Yes, it might sound crazy to have an indoor cactus, especially with young children around, but I was sure there had to be a spineless one that would definitely be kid friendly enough to have inside. Thus, Ben took me to a local cactus nursery to see if we could find one that fit the bill.

The nursery looked small, but there were so many different varieties all over the place. Not only that, they were giant cacti that were planted over 40 years ago. Those were insane! The owner lives on the property and has been selling cacti for over 50 years; he had so many different varieties! Ben and I had a good time walking around looking at all the different types. Of course, we had to be careful when we’d take a step back because there were prickly guys everywhere!

We found some cacti that had the shape I was looking for (and would do well indoors), but they had little spines! That was no bueno for being kid friendly. We were just about to give up our search for one when we spotted a little guy about 2 feet tall looking nice and spineless! I internally did a happy dance. The owner informed us that it was a type of mutated cacti and it indeed is spineless. We paid for the little guy and took him home. I still need to get my cactus in a ceramic pot and find the perfect spot in our house. Once I do, I’ll introduce you to him! Are you a cactus lover or do the spines intimidate you?

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