the straw-burglar

April 12, 2011

This season we planted about 12 strawberry plants and I am hoping they do well, so we have our own organic strawberries to eat from. I gave Soulie a little tour of the garden and all the strawberries. I was telling her the name and trying to get her to repeat it, but that didn’t work so much. Then, I finally picked the ripe (some overripe) strawberries we had ready, rinsed them and gave them to Soul. She was instantly a fan.
So much a fan that when we weren’t looking she started grabbing off any semi-red strawberry off any plant that she could get her hands on. How do I know? Because I knew she had eaten all the picked ones and we already cleaned her red face up. A few minutes later, I looked at her face to see it smeared with red all over again and her chomping down on some strawberry leaves. She picked and ate the strawberry leaves and all!
Now if we see some strawberries missing or are left wondering why nothing is growing… it’s because we have a straw-burglar on the loose! Watch out!!!
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