sometimes days are just bad

September 2, 2009

Yikes! Monday and Tuesday I have been nothing short of cranky. Long story short, Ben didn’t take care of something that was supposed to be taken care of, so I ended up having to do it and hit a lot of snags in the process. I was not happy with him and the situation (see, we really do fight!). I really tried to “rejoice in the Lord always” throughout the ordeal, but I was pretty angry and well, I didn’t. Ben felt really bad and apologetic for everything that I had to go through, so after work yesterday he came home with a nice little treat from my favorite shop.
he bought it
Now, how can I stay mad at him when he handed me my treat and a big fat kiss?!! Just not possible. Don’t worry my Benny isn’t only a treat giver when he is in trouble, but it sure does make a frustrating situation a bit better, don’t you think?
Today, will be spent doing things that I should have been doing Monday-Tuesday, but couldn’t. That includes some wee little clothes sewing. It is time to get ready for the Fall, though summer heat is still here in California.
I will try better to rejoice through any snags today (Lord, help me)…

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