polaroid tuesday: week thirty-five

September 1, 2009

 I love loads of color, but I think you all already know that. 

week thirty-five

Though, lots of color and thread make me exceptionally giddy. 
I am ready to announce the winner of my two year blog-birthday giveaway. Can I have an imaginary drum roll please (ta-ta-ta-ta) and the winner is…
Kristy who said,
“Oh, happy blog-birthday! I was hooked on your blog after I read about Brave and True’s sweetly decorated rooms. “the other little haven” is still bookmarked in my inspiration folder. Am becoming a follower right this minute.”
Congratulations Kristy!!! I will be sending you an email shortly (or just email me with your address).
Thank you for everyone who entered. I am going to start my “just because” package next week, so be sure to become a follower. I am not sure how to see who subscribes via google reader, so I don’t know how to pick that way (any suggestions?). Also, Ben thinks I should give away a polaroid once a month, but then I don’t have that many polaroid cameras, so I will definitely be on a lookout for more to share more with you. But I will definitely be doing another polaroid giveaway sometime! Promise. 
Hooray for polaroids!!!

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