the blue room

May 16, 2011

I was honored to be part of Rachel’s Style Your Space e-course (can still get it here) as the other women who contributed are just out of this world fantastic and I hardly think that I deserve to be put in the same company as them. I chose to share what we call “the blue room”. This is the first room you see when you first enter the house and I finally got it all together, so when Rachel asked us to share a room, I knew just which one I wanted to share.
the blue room
My favorite piece in this room is by far the anthropologie sofa that we scored for pretty darn cheap (in anthropologie terms). It was a sofa that we coveted for a long time, but didn’t have the pennies for, we stalked and stalked it online waiting for the day it would go on sale (about 2 years) and then next thing you knew, it was gone! I called customer service to find out what happened and found out it was put on super sale. So I called all my local stores to see if anyone had it and sure enough someone still did and I even got an extra discount since it was the floor model. It was a steal of a deal and we picked it up that same night and it has been sitting in this front room ever since.
the blue room
The long table is another of my favorite pieces as it is a vintage beer garden table that we scored at the flea market. It folds perfectly flat and comes with two benches and is perfect for bringing outside for dinner parties. Just a wonderful piece with many uses! I love things like that. Don’t you?
To the left of the table is a vintage wine rack and the chair was something we found on one of our trips to San Antonio. I bought it thinking I would have it reupholstered, but have since decided I like it just like that. Above the table is the painting the girls and I made together. The beer garden table also holds some of my little collections of random things, vintage child chair, plants, an old trash can, old post card holder and vintage post cards.
the blue room
the blue room
Another corner with an old bistro table with more pretty things.
the blue room
I love the Magritte print we have on the wall, which we got on one of Ben’s birthday adventures, the big sign is an old french street sign. A wire basket holds my magazines and some vintage canvas chairs are folded and leaning against the wall.
the blue room
This little side table is special as it was the first vintage furniture piece Ben and I ever bought. We went to the Rose Bowl flea market for our first wedding anniversary and this table was one of the things that came home with us. Ever since then, our motto has always been out with the new and in with the old!
the blue room

On top of the table are more plants (because you can never have too many) and an old, tall, wire basket with some vintage bocce balls. I love the color those balls give!
the blue room
This is probably the room that stays the cleanest, though the girls do manage to bring all their toys in there too from time to time. I dream for the day we could get rid of the carpet (I so wish there was some sort of remodeling contest to get someone to do my floors!), but we got debt to get rid off before we could even think about getting some nice flooring. Until then, I will gladly make do with what I have!
Hope you enjoyed the little room tour. Pretty much everything in the room is vintage, except for the sofa and some anthropologie pots that the plants are in. I am still cleaning and purging the rest of the house, so I am sure more rooms will be popping up here from time to time. In fact, today was spent moving things around in True and Brave’s shared room. Once things settle there, I will be sure to share, but I have this long list of house to-dos for myself. Sometimes nesting is good, and sometimes it drives me crazy!
Have you been fixing up any rooms in your house lately?

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  • gorgeous! I love all the vintage finds, everything has so much personality.

  • Michele says:

    SOOOOO pretty!!!

    Here is what I am wondering, when my little niece visits my house she goes nuts on all my little vintage things and collections. How do you manage little ones and good style???

    When I have my own littles I don't want to have to put everything away!


  • sherri lynn says:

    I love that sofa! Such a cool story about how long you waited, and then you finally got it! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love all your vintage/personal touches around the room. I need to do a better job of “personalizing” my space!

  • Sara Jahan says:

    I love this room! The vintage decor makes it so cozy and the anthropologie couch ties it all together! So cute

  • its so fun to see your decor style!

  • amethellen says:

    wow! it looks beautiful!! love everything about it!

  • Chika-san says:

    This is so me! I love this room because it's so…simple. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love it a lot. โ™ฅ

  • Renee says:

    I am so in love with that lovely blus sofa….I have been dying to at least have a chair like that!It's sooo pretty!I think I would sit on it all the time if I had one like that! :)I love your eclectic mix of goodies!The only room we've had fixed up lately was our 1960's kitchen that got a partial renovation…new floor,paint,new stove/microwave.Our old floor was so ugly and it looked like it was always dirty..ugh!Now it's a pretty aqua color.I would love to next get some vinatge furniture pieces for our den that needs some new furniture since we still have our first sofa from when we got married 17 years ago & needs to be gone!If only I could find that same sofa for our room….I know I won't be so lucky!

    please check out our letter project here:

  • marlene says:

    such a beautiful room. great job. thanks for sharing!

  • Mrs. Sosa says:

    Wow! Your room is amazing! I admire your great Vintage finds! I actually met Danni from OhHelloFriend at the Indie Craft Festival and I told her I follow your blog and you have no idea who I am! Ica and Christian Cruz shot my wedding back in August and she told me about now I'm a happy follower! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration!

  • *eni* says:

    oh i love love love this room!!!
    so special…so amazing!!!
    thanks for sharing!!!

    liebgruss from germany

  • Eleni says:

    Wow, I'm gobsmacked, this is gorgeous! A real treasure trove of vintage lovelies ๐Ÿ™‚

  • b. says:

    this room is a treasure, it is so perfect, yet so natural. and that sofa is pretty awesome!


  • janis says:

    You have such great style! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love the room.

  • hope1mile says:

    You have amazing style in your home and what you wear!

    My apartment I living drives me crazy I never put any effort into making it look nice because I hope by the end of the year we have a house.

    And that is when my decor love will go nuts.

    I love your couch!

  • Melissa says:

    LOVE this room!

  • bubbly cocoa says:

    This blue sofa totally rocks !

  • megan lane says:

    that sofa is absolutely gorgeous!! you really lucked out! i really love this room, you've done a fantastic job with it!

  • Ruby! Your house is amazing! Your style is exactly what I hope to achieve in our home one day. Right now, I'm still battling old decor that my husband had before I moved in. I keep altering things, and hope to one day have a home built of vintage beauties in every corner. Well done!

  • jozen says:

    Good job stalking the blue sofa. it's gorgeous!!!

  • Veronica TM says:

    such a great room. every detail is beautiful.

  • linzi says:

    I've been in love with that sofa since it's first arrival in the stores of anthro, too! I think it is so beautiful! It is one of those items that you see and just think, “wow. i love that.” I checked their online store everyday to see when it would go on sale. And just like for you, one day it was gone! I was heartbroken! How lucky you are that you were able to snag one! It fits your home beautifully! And if anyone is going to enjoy it for what it's worth, it would be you! Very pretty room!

    I've read your blog for a while now! Thanks for the inspiration and the light that you truly are!

  • Misha Lulu says:


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