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May 18, 2011

I was absolutely smitten with a banner that was in this picture taken by Max Wanger. It looked so cool and had to be an easy DIY, so I gave it a shot. Plus, I was in need of a little fun project after taking care of some business things and being a little cranky because the girls were not listening. Oh and did I mention that Soul’s poop came out of her diaper and she stepped in it and walked all over the hallway and her room (mind you, we have carpet)?! Yeah. An easy, fun project was necessary and this little banner just fit the bill.
a little message
I wasn’t quite sure what message to put on it, but Ben and I have been talking a lot about what God taught us at our church gathering on Sunday, and that’s when it hit me. We were reminded that if we have Christ, we are light, we don’t need to be light. Thus, since we already are light, we just need to shine and not hide it. I often think that we have to be lights, but that isn’t the case. We already are, so we just need to realize who we are and live it out. I think this banner is a good reminder of that truth.
a little message
I hung it up in True and Brave’s room, but wasn’t sure if I liked it in their room or Soul’s. Also, I took the cut out letters and sewed them on a string to make it a bunting of sorts and hung it up over True’s bed. Since both are currently in the big girls’ room, they get a double whammy of the message.
a little messagea little message
I definitely am going to try and make another banner just for fun, but I think my house would look silly with tons of fabric banners hanging everywhere. Maybe I will make another for a giveaway, that would be extra special right?!
I can’t say my light was shining brightly today, it was more on dim because I just wasn’t being the nicest of mommies and was the Grand Crank Master all day long. Not fun for the kids. Thank God his mercies are new every morning and I will give this another shot tomorrow…
I am off to eat some peanut butter yogurt (I crave it nightly), read, and head off to lala land!

Lord, please help me shine brightly to my children tomorrow!

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