A little unfinished buisness…

January 10, 2008

So I was cleaning the loft, which I like to call it “my studio”, in preparation for much Cakies creating, when I found this old scarf. I started this the morning before I got engaged (I didn’t know it was coming that I hyper ventilated when he got on one knee… literally!) and well, I guess I just never finished.

Maybe that was because I started planning a wedding right after, got married 7 months later, then got pregnant 1 month later, popped out a baby 9 months after that, got pregnant again 6 months later, and popped out another 9 months after that… so now here I am today, digging this unfinished scarf from the bottom of a mess and I will probably never finish because… well, I have a bunch of new projects.

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