Do you need…

February 21, 2008

Some warm and fuzzies on your head?!!

Because I do! I have already put in some custom requests…
Check out Rini & Faith’s new shop and blog
I think I want to order one of these (picture courtesy of Rini herself). I want my babyCakies to look like a little bear… She would be so cute.

But for now she will do wearing her oh so lovely Rini & Faith beanie that brings out the green in her eyes. Okay, well… I know the hat is blue and it should bring out the blue, but her eyes aren’t blue… they are green! So I will just say green.
I love this shop… I have a growing list of oh so lovelies that I want made. Watch out Miss Rini… I can be demanding!!!
Shop Rini & Faith… they rock!!!

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