Have I told you…

March 7, 2008

That I love, LOVE Anthropologie.

It is a bit over my budget, but sometimes I like to buy a few reasonable things…
I have had this vintage caddy forever, hoping to use it to put candles, but I could never find one thin and tall enough to fit each opening. So I thought, I could put some cute cups in it and make it a caddy for my work area, so off to Anthropologie I go. I knew I would find the perfect compliments for my old lovely…

And while I was there, I saw these cute, little, turquoise, pint sized containers displayed all throughout the store…

I fell in love with them so much I went back today (so bad that I live between TWO Anthropologies) to ask where I could purchase them or if they would sell a couple. And being the lovely store that they are, the visuals person happily gave me 10. I was so excited!

I am also on the verge of completing my order for them online, but I am unsure because I would be getting more than I need. They would be great for some crafts and gifts, do you think people would buy them if I put it on my etsy?!! Hmmm… I wonder. Anyone interested?

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