Sudden craving…

May 26, 2008

NO! I am not pregnant, but I simply wanted Filipino Adobo

Now, I don’t really like Filipino food nor do I know how to cook it, but thanks to my friend Tiff and her yummy recipe, it came out so good! Of course, I had to healthy-fy it a bit (otherwise, Ben wouldn’t eat it), so I cooked it with chicken breast instead of the usual dark meat that it calls for… and the colors aren’t that great because adobo is brown and I had it with brown rice, but oh it was so good! It was just what my tummy was craving… thanks Tiff! 
Tomorrow is Memorial Day and I was planning on sending my girlies along to their grandparents, so I can get some work done… but my mom said, “giant scallops” and now I am thinking of tagging along and taking my work with me. 
Oh what a dilemma… work or scallops?!!

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  • Um Ruby… GIANT Scallops… and you’re thinking about whether to go or not? TAKE ME! Better yet I’ll pick up the girls take them to your parents and eat your portion of the scallops, what do you think?

    Oh well to bad I’m working but you should go and eat MY portion 🙂


  • melindakimbo says:

    GO FOR THE scallops!
    or anything your mom’s cooking!!!!

    i could go for some lumpia right about now…… yum

  • Anonymous says:

    Was just browsing through your site–in particular the felt thunderbolt crown (I’ve been searching for unique birthday party favors/decor).

    WOW. So I’ve never met a Filipina who didn’t like food from her own ancestral country. (Actually, I find that a bit strange/sad!) Too bad… you’re missing out, especially in L.A. where there are a ton of great Filipino restaurants (if you or your famly don’t know how to cook Filipino food). There are plenty of Filipino dishes that can be cooked “healthy.”

    You might check out the recent cookbooks “Filipino Homestyle Dishes: Delicious Meals in Minutes” or “The Filipino-American Kitchen: Traditional Recipes, Contemporary Flavors.” (Great recipies & pretty coffee table books.)

    Good luck w/the crowns!

  • Emmy says:

    scallops. lol. your making me hungry! i lurve rice! but im vegeterian. so no meat. lol. that does look good tho. ^^

  • Rubyellen says:

    Okay… so i went for the scallops! So let me tell you they were mighty tasty! My little sister now thinks I am pregnant cause of this post… she swears i am! But really, I’m not!

    Anonymous- Yes, I do like some filipino dishes, but I do LOVE all filipino dessert! I never learned how to cook it, and most of it isn’t healthy, but my husband doesn’t care for some of the flavors, so that doesn’t help my desire to cook it! I am sure they can be healthy-fied, but maybe one day… I have been too busy to cook of late anyways. Well, come back if you decide you want a crown! They have seemed to be a big seller of late and I love making them… but thanks for the wishes! I will check out those books sometime too… maybe send one over and I will give it a shot! 😉 Thanks!

  • selle says:

    mmmmm scallops!
    are you preggy?! :O)

  • Susan says:

    can you post the recipe??? thanks!

  • Rubyellen says:

    No not pregnant! Ask me next year… then i will be ready! And recipe is up!!

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