Change of season…

June 25, 2008

Calls for a new bag!

Summer is definitely here as I can feel the heat growing and the need to be stuffing my bags with more water, so a new summer bag was a growing necessity. Not that I was tired of my old one, but with the change of the season, I was ready for a new one!
I made it from some scraps and a wonderful, vintage tablecloth that I got at the flea market this past weekend. Someone, long ago, did all this wonderful embroidery by hand, which makes it even more charming and special. Thank you to that somebody out there!!

And the other side of the bag…

And inspiration taken from this Free People bag that is all together simply lovely…
So I told Ben, “I saved you a bunch of money making this bag!”

He said, “You didn’t save me anything because you wouldn’t have bought it!!”

Yeah, I guess he is right… oh well!

I can’t wait to see what kind of bag the next season will bring…

13 comments on “Change of season…”

  • Kellie says:

    lol!! I use that line all the time =)

    …I really like the braided handles on your new handbag!

  • jojo-caramel says:

    I discover your blog and I like it. I like the dolls you made for bethany too :)))
    Have a lovely day !

  • Leslie says:

    That is too funny what your hubby said. I love “saving” money by doing it myself though.

  • I LOVE how you did this! Isn’t it so gratifying to create something and not pay the exorbatent price?! Love the way you took the photograph as well. The colors are so bright and festive.

  • Becky says:

    Super cute, I love it! Hats off to my very blessed and creative friend!

  • Richelletron says:

    ooooh! i want a bag like that!! ruby! i miss you i want to come over! i want to sew! do i have a sewing machine yet????? ahhhh. i want to sew a bunch of little monsters and stuff.

    i took a dance class yesterday and dellos dance studio and it was like… advanced hip hop… and i realized that i was in the wrong class because i’m not that good.

    i want to hang out
    love you guys

  • If you make another, sell it to me and then it would pay for yours too and you can tell Benny that you MADE money on it!!! I do love the bag… yours more than the originals because everything you do is so cute!!!

  • melindakimbo says:

    you DID save him lots of money! GO YOU! now buy yourself an outfit to match the bag. 🙂 jk ben- don’t kill me.

  • nicole says:

    I love the handle you’ve made!

  • heather says:


    I came across your blog this morning because I was checking out websites that drove traffic to (i work for the web division of the company.)i must say I am very impressed with the bag that you made! I loved the bag you drew inspiration from and was sad when it sold out so quickly. I am kind of jealous that I can’t sew anything more than a button! xo

  • What a great use of someones beautiful embroidery. Everything old has potential to be new and used again doesn’t it. Much nicer than being lost in a linen press somewhere! Jen

  • Di says:

    I like the bags and I love your kokeshi family over on Beth’s blog! Just beautiful!

  • Rubyellen says:

    Heather- Thanks so much! I loved that bag that your company has and being a stay home mom and having to budget, I figured I could make some form of it! I am sure that you could pick up sewing quite easily. It really is fairly easy… and if you want I could teach you how to do the bag!!! Well, thanks for stopping by and Free People rocks! I am sure working for them is a lot of fun…

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