June 23, 2008

So on my sole excursion to pick up an antique bed from our favorite vendor, at a local flea market, I was captivated by too many lovely things. Hence, I come home with more than just a bed, but a plethora of goodies for both my babycakies as well.

Who can resist some teeny, tiny vintage shoes for my Brave…

Then, a perfect, summer, vintage dress for my True (Hey… my Benny said if I ever find vintage dresses for the girls that I like, to buy it cause they are a rarity!)…
And two quite aged, beautiful quilts…

I don’t think I will ever get into quilting because frankly, it intimidates me. I don’t think it would come out rectangular, rather quite oblong! So, I will succumb to buying quilts that suit my fancy perfectly. I think this quilt love started not too long ago, when I fell in love with an antique one with a price tag of $1800. It was quite the beauty and would have looked wonderful on our bed, but um… the price tag, not so much! 
There is so much beauty in quilts and seeing the hand stitching and allowing my imagination to think of some lovely woman, sitting in quiet place, sweetly placing each piece into its most perfect spot. So much love, art, and beauty in these old quilts (even in new ones).
There a few other goodies that I brought home, but I will wait to show those when they are all put together just the way I am dreaming up in my head…
Happy Monday everyone!!!

6 comments on “Goodies…”

  • Wow! You really did find some fabulous things! I love all the colors of the quilts and that dress! I don’t know how you do it, but these things seem to be waiting just for you!

  • Those little shoes are soo cute!! What great finds!!

  • melindakimbo says:

    bravery and trueski have more shoes than i do!

  • Jenny says:

    Those vintage dresses you find for them are precious! I don’t think things like that exist too much over here in SC.

    My weakness is baby carriers, particularly beautiful ones. Last night I got a great deal on an Ergo and a podaegi from a friend and Jordy couldn’t say anything because he’d just spent $$$ buying computer stuff 🙂

  • varenia says:

    such great little treasures! i love the shoes– darling!

  • Rubyellen says:

    Bethany- For some odd reason, I do think these things wait for me… but i love it! Maybe my pocketbook, not so much!

    Jenny- I only imagine there would be so much more in SC! Everything here in CA is picked through, but I would think there would be more there… or maybe people get them from SC and bring them here for me to buy, which leave SC with not too much! Sorry… but oh yes! Baby carriers, i love them! I so want a new sling (don’t really need it) but WANT it… I have to email you a link to a beautiful one I found!

    xoxo thanks everyone!

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