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July 30, 2008

I had to share some of the presents that Brave received on her birthday. We are grateful to everyone for their outpour of love in different forms (from the clothes to diapers) and each one had so much thought put into it…

But I wanted to share a bit of the handmade goodies that she received. Here is a special blankie (I have been waiting for this) made by Auntie Heather (who I am waiting to start blogging again, but she got married and is a newlywed, so what do you expect)…
One of the reasons it is special is because True has a blankie that she is especially attached to (i.e. Linus), so it is nice that Brave has something that can be the same to her from the same giver.
Then, we (I say we because she made some for me and True too!) got some handmade hair pins from my littlest seester’s friend Jenny
And then last, but certainly not least, an artist collaboration from Ho (the illustrator) & Jean (the writer)…

It was quite a creative book and Andrew (and my seester) has such a great talent. He really has a gift that I am sure will encourage and inspire other people. I really can’t wait to see what he will share with the rest of us (once he learns how to use blogger)…

We appreciate everything that was given (handmade and not) and it really was such a beautiful day for my Brave! Benny, True and I also have some special things for our Brave, but we will give that to her on her birthday (they are handmade, but not by me)… I can’t wait!

Also, tomorrow I start making the 300 Red Velvet Balls for my friend’s wedding this weekend… yikes!!! Pray for me…

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  • Wow! What great birthday gifts!!! Truly amazing. The book is adorable, by the way! ­čÖé VERY CUTE indeed!

    good luck with the wedding!

  • My grandma made my daughter a blanket 11 years ago and she still sleeps with it!! Handmade blankets are the best present! Have you read “Owen” by Kevin Henkes? That’s my daughter and her yellow blanket! I think I will have to use that book’s solution and make little hankies out of it when she leaves for college!!!

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