my little Brave

July 28, 2008

Every birthday calls for a special (mama-made) birthday dress…

I think she was quite satisfied with the finished product…
And an occasion to finally wear her vintage, patent leather, white maryjanes…
We had such a grand time celebrating my B is for Brave’s Birthday
We had little dotted B-things everywhere. The meal was B is for Bowls, so everyone had to make their own kind of bowl. You picked your type of rice, then meat, then veggies, then they were a couple different sauces… so a Mexican Bowl or Teriyaki Bowl could have been made. Of course they were eaten in Bowls
There was B is for Brownies
The B cookies…

B is for Balloons everywhere…

So I quickly learned I couldn’t make my dream Balloon party come true because wind is a big factor. So we strung them up above us, where they weren’t waving in anyone’s face and I think it still proved to be a nice little touch.

It was a beautiful party thanks to my Mom, who is the ultimate party thrower. Everything was absolutely wonderful and we are so grateful for God blessing Brave with her first birthday.
We love our little Brave (but her real birthday is not for another week)…
***Thanks to Ele for taking the initiative to take some great pictures (and my Benny too!) with my camera. To Heather- see you need to get him a camera!!!

15 comments on “my little Brave”

  • Jenny says:

    How adorable and creative! You know, you would make a fantastic kindergarten teacher.

  • Emily says:

    Looks like a beautiful party! Great pictures!

  • Renae says:

    Love the party!! It looked like you all had a fun time.

  • Looks like you had a B-eautiful and B-lessed time!!!

  • livi says:

    ohhh…what for a lucky and sweety party!!! livi

  • Dyan says:

    Her little dress and shoes are all sweetness. What a fun party, I love ballons and the mayching cookis look yum.

  • Happy Birthday Brave!!! I should have a B Birthday too! You are a lucky little girl to have these wonderful parents and grandmother who put so much love into your celebration and your life!! I’m so glad it was a great time!

  • JennyC.No3 says:

    Looks like a great party! I’m sure little Brave will enjoy seeing pictures when she gets older. Happy 1st Birthday Celebrations!

  • Missy-O says:

    What a great looking party! I’m uber impressed!

    And, Happy Birthing Day to you!

  • Kellie H says:

    Such a magical party!!! The theme & food was so cool. I just love balloons, so one of my fav things about it were all the lovely big blue bobbing balloons. Glad it all went well.
    btw Ruby..I am having another hairclip giveaway if you remember from the spring =)

  • Leslie says:

    Oh my….that dress…those colors (turquoise and red). I’m loving it. What a beautiful party. Did you make the dress?

  • Rubyellen says:

    leslie- yes, i made the dress. i want to make one for me now!!! i just love ruffles!!!

  • Varenia says:

    what a great “b is for blue” birthday dress for your little brave! and that party looks amazing! happy birthday to the little cutie! and congrats to you, too, mama! first birthdays are in some ways a bigger milestone for the mama (for surviving that first year!) than for the sweet babe 🙂 have a good one…

  • iRiS says:

    WOW I love Brave’s party!
    It looks really beautiful what a great job you did to create such a magical day for your lil one:)

    B’s dress is very cute love the tuxedo inspired frill and thsoe vintage shoes are TDF!!!

    The family photo is beautiful too you look like such a happy lil family!

    btw I love your daughters names they are perfect!
    Happy belated birthday to Brave!

  • Shimmy Shake says:

    I adore the ruffle dress and the balloon party – it looks absolutely beautiful. Wowza!

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