almost ready

July 26, 2008

The party is tomorrow…

– Most groceries have been bought, but Ben has to make one last run to get more beans.

– I am almost done with the little slideshow (thank God for a MAC and iMovie).

– Cookies are done (thanks to Grandmama for coming just in time to ice the cookies) and much thanks to Martha for her lovely sugar cookie and royal icing recipe.

I can only imagine how much more crazy things are at my mom’s where the party is going to be at… yikes! My mom is the best!!!

Here is a glimpse of what I want Brave’s party to look like…
This lovely party was from 1970’s House & Garden and was posted by Black Eiffel. I love the classic and yet whimsical look of all the balloons. Though I am not particularly a fan of balloons, this look is so classy and fun. I have never seen balloons look so wonderful! Let’s see if we can re-create this…

B is for Balloons and B is for Blue, so this will be absoulutely perfect with our theme!

Have a happy weekend everyone… I know ours will be very happy!!!

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