all the girls together

June 4, 2013

hey kids!hey kids!hey kids!hey kids!Soul’s been wearing that dress for two days in a row (this picture was taken on day 2). True’s in love with her whale dress (by misha lulu). Remember, she has a water/ocean/mermaid obsession of late, Brave loves her spider man shoes so much, and Glow’s the only one that really lets me dress her these days. These are my girls.

These girls of mine are also already laying claim on the various articles of clothing I own and keep asking me to save it for them when they get older. Soul’s tries to lay claim to all my jewelry and they often discuss who will get which shoe. I think these pair of clogs go to Soul. I’m hoping they all end up the same shoe size because that will save us lots of money during the teenage years, but I’m also sure that will cause lots of fights. I’m thinking the fighting between these girls won’t actually end until they all have families of their own. Right now the fighting revolves around the sharing of toys, then it will be the sharing of clothes, and then the sharing of a vehicle, and hopefully when they’re grown, they’ll just love sharing recipes, marriage and parenting tips together (basically, just sharing life!)Β and it will no longer involve fighting. They will eventually learn to share. That’s the goal folks, that’s where we’re headed. At least, that’s what I’m praying.

Sometimes, baby fever hits and I give Ben a look and say, “Don’t you wonder what a boy would look like?” And then he reminds me how chaotic our life currently is, how much work it is to make sure they all have our attention, and how much it cost to actually raise children (kids are expensive!), and then I’m like, “Oh yeah. We’re good. We’re totally good.”

on me: shirt, vintage from cut + paste. shorts, thrifted. shoes, t-bar clogs c/o lotta from stockholm. on true: dress, misha lulu. shoes, salt-waters. on brave: dress, misha lulu. shoes, gap kids. on soul: dress, thrifted. shoes, gifted from my friend joanna. on glow: dress, misha lulu. shoes, salt-waters.

20 comments on “all the girls together”

  • Rachel G. says:

    Gah! I wish the whale dress came in adult sizes! Your girls are super cute!!

  • Emily says:

    Love the whale dress! What an awesome gift to have so many best friends for life!!!!

  • Ellie says:

    YouΒ΄re still so young.. who knows, maybe there will be a right time for a baby boy (or another girl ;-)) in a few years.

    • mycakies says:

      Ben says no since he is 7 years older than me and if we we’re going for 5, he’d rather do it sooner than later. But we’re not, so I think we’re good. For now. πŸ˜‰

  • Oh so adorable! I love that little blue dress with the pockets!

    xo Lisa
    Making Life’s Lemons

  • Ashley says:

    Love the feet picture! I wish I had more of my clothes from when I was younger

  • rachel says:

    I wonder how many kids it would take for me to decide I didn’t want anymore. Stupid dollars, or lack of stupid dollars.

    I also love that whale dress.

    • mycakies says:

      I know. We’re definitely feeling it now with the 3 girls in swim classes and ballet, and they want to take hip hop, and the enormous amount of food they eat! We know this is just the beginning as all types of training cost money and we want to give them the opportunities to explore what it is might be their passion, so it’s all starting to add up! Oh man. I love my kids, and it definitely takes wisdom to know what your limit is physically, emotionally, and financially to be able to fully give yourselves to your children. I think 4 is pretty well stretching us.

  • Vang says:

    I love these photos! I always wonder how you can get your kids to look at the camera at the same time. I have three little girls and I can never get a good photo of all three of them together.

    • mycakies says:

      Ben’s behind the camera and yelling, “Everyone say cheese!” Or maybe I take so many pictures they are used to it by now. πŸ˜‰

  • tinajo says:

    They are all so adorable!

  • Johanna says:

    Ok, I gotta ask. I love those clogs and am considering ordering them online….but do you sound like a horse when walking on hard surfaces?! HA! And are they actually comfortable for most of the day wear?

    • mycakies says:

      I love clogs! I’ve never felt horse-like while wearing them and never noticed any sound that really resembled them on hard surfaces. I’m pretty sure you’re safe there. And yes, they are quite comfortable! This particular one is really soft right away as I do have some other clogs from other brands that definitely do take time to break in (and a few blisters). Hope this helps! This particular pair is my fave one out of all the clogs I have.

  • Vivian says:

    You guys are too cute!! The perfect family indeed πŸ™‚

  • Hello!

    I noticed some clicks from your website and came by to check it out and saw this adorable pic! You look great in the top! Your kids look great! Everyone looks great! It always makes me so happy to see vintage pieces on customers and to know that it has passed along to a happy home.

    Thank you again!

  • silvy says:

    just adorable, i love these pics!!

  • Cindy Lee says:

    Hello Ruby! I have been following your blog since 2009 and I don’t think I have ever commented your blog before. I know…silent follower πŸ™‚ But this time I just have to leave a comment to tell you……1) I enjoy reading each and every of your post about your lovely family 2) You are an idol to me when it comes to parenting and I learned so much from you! 3) You are such a creative soul and I am always inspired by you!

    You look awesome in this picture! As always! And I adore your girls!!

  • Oh man, that would save a lot of money to have them all the same shoe size as they become teenagers! I never really thought of that because I am the only girl in my family and my brothers are two different shoe sizes so that didn’t work out for them.
    I love these pictures of all of you!! You dress them oh so sweetly. I wear the same thing sometimes two days in a row, and if I had a whale dress, it would be all week. πŸ˜‰

  • frances says:

    I LOVE you to pieces and we pretty much agree on a ton of stuff but this one I sorta disagree… but I think at the end of the day we agree πŸ™‚ Maybe putting a price on having kids or not having kids, is a legitimate way on deciding to have them. Perhaps it’s more of a western ideology of having kids (verses other parts of the world). I guess I had to comment because in marriage counseling this subject comes up a lot and it just struck a cord.

    I love you!!! don’t get mad at me hahaha!

    your pal πŸ™‚

  • frances says:

    BTW sexy shoes!!! They’re lovely!

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