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July 2, 2008

A little pillow was made with my scraps and placed atop my little girl’s little bed…

So here is her special little bed…

It was quite the find almost a year ago when our favorite vendor had this front and center, just calling out True’s name. At the time, Brave was still in my belly and we knew that we would need to make the transition to a bed soon, especially with the coming baby moving into the crib. So, this French antique baby bed was the perfect thing…
Well, almost 1 year later, True has finally moved into this little bed. No worries, we lead test all our antiques and it has been varnished to seal all the chips and dings (we like chips and dings), so it is baby safe.
It is quite tiny and True has done really well. There is no barricade on one side and she hasn’t even fallen off. At night, we put the play yard right up against it, just in case she decides she wants to topple over.
The quilt is a vintage quilt that I got from a lovely seller on etsy. It is utterly too perfect for this little bed…

Once True gets in (the neat bed above disappears), and she brings in all her favorite things:
– “God Bless My House” pillow
– baby oso (bear)
– baby elefante
– another baby oso
– seashell (she collected it at our latest adventure at the beach)

And of course, under her quilt, is her ever so faithful… blankie!!!
When she wakes up from a nap, she never comes out of her room, but she waits for me to get her (not sure if she realizes she can escape now). Upon entering to get her, sometimes she will have all these other toys and books in the bed with her too… it is really funny!!!

So the bed is done… as she now has a quilt, I just sewed a flat sheet, she has a pillow (3 in fact) and everything is so cute and all so little (also French baby beds aren’t the same size as American ones, so it is much more tiny).
The rest of her room is not quite done, but hopefully in the next few weeks. We just have to get things framed and hung up on the wall. It will all be so cute…
*The inspiration for the room will be shared once the room is done.

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