down in dixieland

July 9, 2008

Ben and I love Dave Matthews and Dave has been an integral part of our relationship. Particularly, the live version of DMB’s “Crash” has great meaning to us. There is a portion Dave will ad-lib and say, “I will be your Dixie chicken, if you’ll be my Tennessee lamb, we will walk together down in Dixieland.” So with this line, I was asked to be his girlfriend, this song was played in the background as I was asked to be his wife and all sorts of “chicken and lamb-ish” things were exchange as we were dating. It was only appropriate that when we got married, our cake topper was…
I fashioned it from clay and it mimicked a “Chicken and Lamb” painting Ben purchased from an art gallery as a gift for our first Valentine’s Day.

So in Dixieland we have been for 3 years now and it has been completely wonderful. God made Ben perfectly fit for me and me perfectly fit for Ben…
Happy Anniversary Benny! I love you and love walking in Dixieland together with our little lambs (we don’t have a boy yet, so there are no baby chickens.)… maybe next year (and no I am not pregnant!).

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  • Oliver Rain says:

    Happy anniversary! What a beautiful photo & I love the lamb & chicken. My hubby & I love Dave Matthews a lot too. One birthday he surprised me with tickets to an outdoor concert in Atlanta along with a week holiday in the south. Heaven!

  • livi says:

    I love your blog…and particully your fotos!!!I would be sooo happy if you visit some times my blog!!!bye,bye livi!!!

  • selle says:

    ooo happy anniversary! 🙂

  • nathalie says:

    awww you too are so beautiful together!!!! happy anniversary friend. i hope you have a wonderful time. i love the chicken and lamb. and dave matthews band too! huge hugs to you guys!

  • grace says:

    This is so very sweet. Happy third anniversary!

  • Oh Happy Anniversary!!! From what you write on your blogs, you two are perfect for each other! I think Marriage and Parenting are the two hardest things you’ll ever do, but the two most rewarding things! Nothing is more worth your time than your sweet family! Don’t blink because time just flies… you’ll be celebrating 16 years like us before you know it (and still feel like you just fell in love!).

  • varenia says:

    Happy Anniversary! I just had to comment on this post, the chicken and lamb are FABULOUS! I am a huge, huge, HUGE DMB fan, and I really got a kick out of this. Here’s to many more years walking in Dixieland! Congrats!

  • Oh you two are the sweetest:)

    Happy Anniversary!!

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