down in dixieland

July 9, 2008

Ben and I love Dave Matthews and Dave has been an integral part of our relationship. Particularly, the live version of DMB’s “Crash” has great meaning to us. There is a portion Dave will ad-lib and say, “I will be your Dixie chicken, if you’ll be my Tennessee lamb, we will walk together down in Dixieland.” So with this line, I was asked to be his girlfriend, this song was played in the background as I was asked to be his wife and all sorts of “chicken and lamb-ish” things were exchange as we were dating. It was only appropriate that when we got married, our cake topper was…
I fashioned it from clay and it mimicked a “Chicken and Lamb” painting Ben purchased from an art gallery as a gift for our first Valentine’s Day.

So in Dixieland we have been for 3 years now and it has been completely wonderful. God made Ben perfectly fit for me and me perfectly fit for Ben…
Happy Anniversary Benny! I love you and love walking in Dixieland together with our little lambs (we don’t have a boy yet, so there are no baby chickens.)… maybe next year (and no I am not pregnant!).

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