July 10, 2008

There were flowers, the most delicious food, candlelight, and a little story book to celebrate us being “together”…

And my little book thanks to the How to Make Books Book

There were a couple of funny pages, especially one where I spelled my name wrong (1st grade all over again!), but here are just a few snippets of what we like to do together…

I guess you can say I am a little protective of my food…

I love being married, I highly recommend it!

Thank you to everyone for the very happy wishes! It was happy indeed…

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  • Leslie says:

    I highly recommend marriage also. it’s awesome. And your illustrations are adorable!

    congrats and your anniversary

  • Carissa says:

    I’ve found your blog from Sugar City Journal and I think you are so talented. I love the cute little book you made for your anniversary. What a great idea.

  • Kellie says:

    Oh Ruby soho can your love story be any more divine? I just think you two are made for each other & I don’t even know you in person! I just love what you said.. *I highly recommend it* you are super cute =) But you are right on. I can’t imagine my life any other way than being married to my best friend!

    yea Dave Matthews!! I first saw them in 95…it was the first concert I went to in college.

  • Rubyellen says:

    Carissa- Thank you so much and stop by anytime! and i love love sugar city journal!!!

    Kellie- Ruby soho… i so remember that song! yes… marriage is the best!!! Dave was also where we went for our first date. I forgot to write about that. Ben has been to a million more than me as he travelled all over the east following DMB around, but since being here in CA, we have gone almost every summer (minus 1 or 2) but not this year cause we forgot to get tickets! boo! i guess 2 kids really changes your priority list!

  • livi says:

    …ohhh it´s sooo lovely!!!
    i can really see your sweet luck in your fotos!!!!love livi

  • Oliver Rain says:

    You are the sweetest and cutest little thing!

  • Ruby… I don’t know why you didn’t get an art degree! You draw and write like an artist, you have the color eye of an artist, your photos are wonderful, and everything you make is perfect! You were probably a great teacher too, but really– you are an artist! And you two are the cutest couple!

  • Rubyellen says:

    thanks bethany! sometimes i do wish i went into art. I think I was intimidated by that major and all the other students in it because I didn’t really consider myself an artist and I wasn’t confident in my drawing abilities, which was my first love. I do wish to get back into drawing or doodling… but we will see. And i loved kids, so I figured there you go… but I really wanted to be an art teacher… like you!

  • lynne says:

    you guys are so cute. I LOVE this book! It is so sweet!

  • Elena says:

    this is a lovely entry,i love the little characters that represent you and your husband!!
    and everything on it,thanks for sharing with us the drawings..:)

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