all the way from France

August 8, 2008

A most blissful and whimsical friend brought me some treasures from a Paris flea market…

She merrily sojourned throughout different parts of Europe and was so thoughtful in thinking of me in France. She knows that I love anything French, especially old French things… thank you so much Helen! I love it…

You must visit her lovely shop and blog, she is the most creative when it comes to words and concocting a “special garb to hold your dear gadgets”!!!

6 comments on “all the way from France”

  • Missy-O says:

    These are wonderful! I found a box of my great-grandmothers sewing things and thought of you. It’s just odds and ends, some dating early 1920’s, but I would love to send them to you. You might enjoy them instead of them being boxed up in my garage. If not then you could trash them and I wound’t have to!!!

    If you want them drop me your address. mosborn78 @ cox . net

    BTW, Cakies clippies will be sported on the first day of school! DH even uses them on her Build A Bears!

  • Rubyellen says:

    Missy-o: omg! i am so excited… thank you so much!!! i can’t wait. Oh I so appreciate you thinking of me!!! and i can’t wait to see pics of your little DH and her Cakies… even her bears are stylin’!!!

  • Such wonderful and unique items. I just love your etsy stuff. Talk about talent!

  • Missy-O says:

    Can I edit my comment? I just noticed that I put DH instead of DD! Three kids has sucked my brain!

  • sheer whimsy says:

    i love you ruby!!! i wish i could’ve brought you back an old French chair!

  • Wow… wonderful things. I peeked at her blog and her trip looked utterly fantastic!!! I’ll have to check out her shop!

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