polaroid tuesday: week thirty-nine

October 12, 2010

week thirty-nine
10 days. 3 kids (little kids). 3 states. 3 major cities. 4 different places to sleep. 2,792 miles later and we are home alive and well.
That’s right, last week’s sporadic blogging was due to the fact that we were on our Pacific Northwest urban road trip. Like I said, if Autumn wasn’t going to come to us, we were going to go to it!
Too many stories to tell, tons of car singing, lots of fun and memories were had, many little vintage (and non-vintage) goodies were found, a load of instant photographs taken, an abundance of memories captured on video that I don’t even know where to start. There will be a recap soon, I just don’t know how to share all of the happiness that is in my heart from our first official family vacation. But for today we are enjoying being home together, sleeping in our own beds, and I am doing massive amounts of laundry!
As much as I love being on vacation and seeing new places (we are already starting to talk about a midwest road trip, but we gotta save up more pennies first), it is so good to be home! Will be back soon, probably with a picture overload (and a few posts) of our trip. Beware…

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