bringing home some snacks

October 13, 2010

All the laundry is done and put away. Whew! There is still some cleaning to do around the house, but that will take a bit of time, though we do take breaks to snack on some goodies that we picked up in San Francisco. I got some macarons and candy from Miette and cupcakes from Kara’s Cupcakes.
little treatsies from miette cupcakes from san francisco
I tried so hard to keep the box upright and I thought I did, but when we opened it to eat it, we saw that it obviously decided to go topsy turvy on its own. Nonetheless, the girls still had fun devouring it.
cupcakes from san franciscoeating their cupcakes
We have a couple doctors appointments today, but hopefully soon I can get posting about our trip. I still can’t believe we are home, the time went so fast! The good thing is Ben is home with us still, so our vacation isn’t exactly over. Yipee!!!
Hello Wednesday!

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