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October 15, 2010

These are the vintage goods we found for the kiddos while on our road trip (along with the adorable umbrellas). The swiss dot dress, snapshots book, and Here Comes Daddy book all came from different places during our hunt in Portland, and the rest were from the Alameda flea market.
vintage baby dressvintage baby dressvintage baby dress
vintage book vintage scrapbookvintage baby shoes
One of the things I was most looking forward to about our road trip was gonna be our hunting for vintage goodies and a stop at the Alameda flea market. I always hear such good things about this market that we planned the timing of our trip around it. The market was fabulous, the venue was beautiful, but the girls were cranky as can be. Thus, we saw what we could, but we didn’t get to go through the whole market (also, because we had a long drive to Portland to make that same day). This was the worst behaved the girls have ever been going to a flea market and Ben and I just were just baffled. What did keep them quiet towards the end were the cute vintage umbrellas that I got them, but gosh… you should have seen them. They were wailing as we walked up and down the aisles.
Another fun story from Alameda is that as I walked into one particular space to admire the vintage umbrellas, which we purchased, the owner of the space turned out to be a reader (Hi Erin!). She was so sweet and had the best stuff (the baby shoes and the knit dress pictured above were bought from her, as were the umbrellas)! I was just ooh-ing and ah-ing over all her cute finds. Good news for you because she will be opening up an etsy shop soon, so stay tuned because I just know she will have good things that you will absolutely want to snatch up (if I don’t beat you to it)!
soulie and me in erin's booth
I have a few more vintage treasures to share, which are a few dresses for myself and a pretty fantabulous find for Ben, but I still need to take proper pictures of those items to share them. I love vintage and I love the hunt for vintage! You just never know what you will find and the hunt is what makes it so much more exciting! Don’t you think?
Have you had any good vintage finds lately? Please share!

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