August 3, 2008

I finally own my first pair and it is all thanks to the new Mr. and Mrs. Won
Don’t worry, I wasn’t wearing these during the ceremony, but the whole bridal party was wearing them for the reception. It was a very lovely gift from the bride and groom and was perfect cause we (the ENTIRE bridal party) all performed the last dance from the movie High School Musical (young kids aren’t the only ones that like this movie). It was crazy, fun, and loads of energy!!!

The wedding was grand (they had 2 receptions and 600 guests), the Red Velvet Pops were devoured (I saw lots of tags left on the table with no pop), and our group dance went very well…

It was so much fun and such an honor to be a part of Jane and Alex’s wedding!!!

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  • What a perfect idea!!! That is so unique and wouldn’t everyone want a pair?!! I LOVE their website… and it has one of my all time favorite songs by Michael Buble on it!!! Sounds like those cakie pops were a big hit!

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