her little haven

October 21, 2008

I think I have settled that my favorite color is white and that is quite reflective of Brave’s room. I wanted very simple and clean look and I like what we have thus far. There are a still a couple of things I am keeping an eye out at antique shops and flea markets to add, but those may take awhile to find.

My favorite parts of the room are 1) the old wooden crate box carrying her wooden block replicas of places in London and Paris, 2) Her Babette doll whom she asks for first thing every time she wakes up 3) Her collection of vintage clothing on antique French faux bamboo rack 4) The antique enamel kitchen holders that now carry her favorite collection of softies 5) The $1 chalkboard I snatched up at a garage sale on the wall on top of her dresser. For the longest time, I couldn’t figure what to put on that wall, but the chalkboard came in handy and I quickly sketched my version of Paris…

The room is so bright and airy that we love hanging out here and reading all over the floor, but we also like hanging out next door in True’s room, which is slowly almost done. Though it seems everything will always be a slow process for us because the things we like are not at just any one store. We have to patiently and frequently scavenge through flea markets looking for the absolute perfect pieces, though it may take awhile, we like it this way. Each piece will then have a story and a previous life, it makes it all more special.

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