a new old thing

January 19, 2009

On one of our recent flea marketing excursions we came across this big, lovely, old, super rusty wire basket from France and in it was a nice colorful collection of vintage children’s bocce balls…

new old things i love 
I must say I fell in love with this piece of art rather quickly and claimed it to be mine before anyone else could. No hesitation. It was just too cool to pass up.

On another note, I am a bit bummed that my camera froze on me today (I still highly recommend Nikon). This is quite a tragedy as my camera has become an extension of my arm, so the fact that I have to send part of my arm in to get fixed and won’t get it back for a few weeks is quite disheartening. I guess it will be back to my point and shoot for just a bit. Good thing, I have my polaroids, but I am getting low on film… oh well, here’s to a point and shoot few weeks!!!

Don’t forget the contest!!! You could win a crown…

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