hearts aren’t just for valentines (+ contest)

January 15, 2009

A little request for some hearts and a lot of love…

i love hearts
side view
other side view
These pictorial-ish crowns have been lots of fun for me to make. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with something a little different and real whimsical from our originalย crowns (not that I don’t enjoy the others, cause I do), but a little challenge is always fun.ย 
Plus, something new always gets me thinking a little bit more and one idea leads to another. I love new ideas. Anyone have any good ones that might make for a great crown?
Sara had a good idea and let’s turn this into a contest/giveaway of sorts.ย 
Leave your idea for a crown in this post by next Wednesday, January 21st. One idea per person. Then, I (and Ben) will choose the top 3 and on Friday, January 23rd, have everyone vote for the top idea (out of the three). Though, I am sure all the ideas will be grand. For the winner, I will gladly turn their idea into a crown.ย Oh and those international are welcome to join!
Does that sound good? Happy idea making!!!

111 comments on “hearts aren’t just for valentines (+ contest)”

  • That is so beautiful – really, it’s gorgeous!

  • Sara says:

    are you challenging us?
    ’cause I won the “idea for a pair of hats” from your friend…

  • Emily says:

    Oh My! That is SOOOOOO cute!

  • hmmm…what about seasonal crowns? a Winter Princess etc???
    Love this crown by the way – well done!

  • kati says:

    that is so cute! love it!

  • im going to dunk them in coffee and eat em up they look so cute!

  • Hillrich says:

    just found your blog last week (I think) & love it!
    how about a “garden” crown? we are starting to think about what our garden will hold this year–so fun!
    maybe with a “fairy garden” look?

  • Irene Carole says:

    thats sooo purtty ruby!! you’re so creative!

  • Sara says:

    ok…my idea…I suppose I should at least play ๐Ÿ™‚
    Here are my ideas (I can do more than 1, right?)

    – trains (because how cute would the tracks be? and the button wheels…and the smokestack…and the caboose…SO CUTE!)
    – dinosaurs
    – solar system (for the king of the universe)
    – jungle (king of the jungle)
    – Star Wars (had to suggest it because it would make my almost 6 year old SO happy! and if anyone can make R2D2 from felt, it’s you!)
    – crayons
    – teacups/ teapot
    – ballerina
    – sports

    Oh Ruby…you’ve created a monster!

  • Rubyellen says:

    hahaha… Sara, i was laughing so hard. Okay, had to clarify one idea per person then i will just have too many to choose from. So pick your most favorite!

  • eyi says:

    Hi Rubby…
    Wow, the crown is oh so cute. Luv it soooooo much!

    Here is my idea:
    How about… a circus?
    With the big beautiful tent, clowns, animals, trampolin players and all.

    Can you put a circus into a crown? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I would loooove to win this.
    Thanks a bunch Rubby. Give my kisses to your 2 beautiful girls ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Erin says:

    How about a mermaid crown with a princess of the sea theme. You must include a cute little octopus, anchor and a whale. I love everything nautical. I wish I would have had a princess crown for my daughter’s first birthday party which was just a month ago.

  • kristine says:

    What about something simple: a light blue crown with white puffy clouds and a swarm of colorful birthday balloons with embroidered string. How cute would that be! I love everything you create.

  • Sara says:

    (and I was going to add that a black crown with shiny fireworks would be cool…)…
    I think the train is my favorite!

  • gold fawn says:

    I would like to see a wizard of oz crown! based on the books. that would be wonderful! so many interesting characters and scenes…

  • sharyl says:

    one word: CUPCAKES!! (or is that two words? hahaha!) love the crown, makes me wish i was a little girl again so i can wear one.

  • Mama Llama says:

    I’d love to see a crown that had 4 panels, each depicting a different season (maybe the same tree with different leaves/no leaves/flowers/grass/acorns). You could choose which scene to wear facing front, depending on the season or a child’s mood.

    I hope that made sense.

  • The Popes says:

    I would love a bug crown. But not ugly bugs, cute girly bugs.

    That’s the theme for my daughter’s second party. It had to be gender neutral since she’s the only little girl in her group of friends! You should see how difficult it is to make a bug party girly! A crown would surely do the trick!

  • I would so buy a Third Eye Crown! See my post for this please? When I taught poetry workshops we made our own- but a home one for my boys would RAWK! http://doobleh-vay.blogspot.com/2008/04/where-im-going-will-you-follow-on.html

  • Nicole says:

    Beautiful! Your creativity always amazes me! What about a fun Mardi Gras crown for us in Louisiana???
    We would love that!

  • Thalita Dol says:

    I love ALL of your crowns!! They are all just perfect.

    So, I wanna play too!!

    I imagine a “fairy tale crown”, with a prince frog in it, with a little crown of its own!


    Kisses from Brazil!

  • andreaberg says:

    I want to play also…here is my idea: I just loved the mushrooms you made, so incorporating that, a Hansel and Gretel type thing – with a forest (with mushrooms) and wildlife (squirrels ect.) – leading to gingerbread house (or candy house). I hope you get the idea

  • Liberty says:

    Love, love, love this!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Butterfly Garden Crown would be sweet!

  • Angela says:

    I would love to see one with Gnomes, toadstools and maybe a deer. Woodsy.

  • Jennifer says:

    come on, do a mardi gras crown- it’s what we are looking forward too!

  • K.Lee Lucas says:

    THe beatles Yellow submarine!!! to commemorate it’s 40th anniversary.. my kids love that movie, but then they are pretty odd little creatures!!! But that movie has such amazing art and is so bright, and visually pleasing to the eye especially the undersea parts with all the crazy looking fish and plants!!!

  • Macy Dawn says:

    I agree with the Mardi Gras crown! I would definitely buy that!

    What about some dancin’ gators? With plumes on their heads and beads round their necks.

    Macy Dawn
    Poesia Design

  • Christina says:

    How about a fruit and veggies crown? People always put cupcakes, candy, etc on crowns- why not fresh foods? My 16 month old could wear it to the farmer’s market!

  • Stephanie says:

    What about an outer space crown? Dark felt background, sparkle stars, planets, rocket ships & comets…

  • Charissa says:

    These are such great ideas! I love the butterflies you created. I’m almost sad CC already has her tulip crown. i guess princesses can have more than one crown! How about a beach themed crown with sand and ocean waves and made some grass dunes, beach balls or sand castles, and perhaps a hammock – SC style.

  • My idea is a California crown. In May, me, my husband, and my daughter are moving from the Midwest out to California…i am picturing a crown with all the sterotypical CA stuff that we are looking forward to- a big sunshine, ocean, mountains, maybe even a little golden gate bridge. Your website is so inspirational to me- i have recently pulled out my sewing machine to get creative myself!

  • Verry pretty!
    Well done!

  • sammi says:

    hmmmmm…..vintage tour de france?

  • sara says:

    I think you need more boyish crowns (says that mama of two little boys!). So I suggest the following:

    * A pirate themed crown. Who says you can’t be a pirate king? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    * A sea themed crown. King of the Sea. I guess they are sorta similar but not completely?

  • what about a heaven crown? we are suppose to receive crowns in heaven so wouldn’t this be perfect? streets of gold, angels, Eden-like paradise. Ummm..will this all fit on a crown? : )

  • how about a “I’m a big brother/sister” crown… that way when you bring #2 home… #1 will feel special…

    not a new idea, I know… but hopefully a new idea for a crown!

  • Flamenco-crown will be great! Because the flamenco dresses have many beautiful colours and the flamenco music make feel god most of people! Is perfect for the children and the for childish souls…. ๐Ÿ˜›

    If you like this idea, I can give you pictures or what you need…

  • pjluce says:

    How about a Fairy crown? My inspiration for that is that my almost 3 year old daughter is obsessed with Tinkerbell and all things fairy. She therefore wants a Tinkerbell birthday party which I am planning on doing for her…however, I’d love to do so without all of the commercial, Disney stuff but with pretty handmade decorations instead. So a beautiful fairy crown would make a great addition!

  • -amanda says:

    So I am having a “garden party” theme for my daughter’s first birthday. I picture a crown with huge felt flowers all over it and either tiny butterflies/bees/birds nested in it.

  • Nikkers says:

    Well, all of your crowns are gems. And, we have noticed that you love Paris as much as we do! Especially in the springtime… So why not a little Eiffel Tower action with some delightful tulips? Perhaps even the effortlessness of a cafe tableau?
    Love, Janie and Nikki

  • Jack Sprat says:

    A sky crown, with kites, birds, things that fly…
    I love the new hearts crown.

  • saejinnie says:

    a paris theme crown. with the eiffel tower, french words, and outdoor cafe scene. i think that’d be cute.

  • Laura says:

    I think a Starry Starry Night Van Gogh crown would be gorgeous, esp with all that embroidery around the moon and stars! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sooo many ideas come to mind. But I think a “Happy Friday” crown would be amazing and divine and just plain FUN! Something to wear because you’re so happy it’s almost the weekend!!!

  • Rosalind says:

    Hmm after 47 comments before me that was hard to be original!!! Love the heart crown! What about a crown called “Bejeweled” with some felt & embroidered bling! I think it would call for a big fat (padded) RUBY in the center after it's creative director!

  • Kimbirdy says:

    Blerg! Someone already took mine… So I am going to go with The Zoo! With tigers and elephants and giraffes! Hooray!

    My boyfriend wants to submit the idea of a Words of Affirmation Crown, with things like “You are the Awesomest” and “We’re Ridiculously Cool.”

  • This crown is just so beautiful! How about a “queen or king of the jungle” crown? A crown with a jungle theme and some felt animals on it? My little girl loves monkeys and lions so I’m sure there are tons of other little girls that do too. For a bonus, you can add an elephant too!

  • This crown is just so beautiful! How about a “queen or king of the jungle” crown? A crown with a jungle theme and some felt animals on it? My little girl loves monkeys and lions so I’m sure there are tons of other little girls that do too. For a bonus, you can add an elephant too!

  • This crown is just so beautiful! How about a “queen or king of the jungle” crown? A crown with a jungle theme and some felt animals on it? My little girl loves monkeys and lions so I’m sure there are tons of other little girls that do too. For a bonus, you can add an elephant too!

  • JC says:

    So a baby shower crown for the mom-to-be. So much cuter than a tacky ribbon pinned to a shirt, will make the photos so cute, and be a treasured keepsake when her princess days are soooo over.:)

  • Rachel says:

    I think a fairytale crown would be wonderful – a scene with a castle, roses, and “enchanted animals” like deer, rabbits, and blue birds would be great for a little girl!

  • cat collier says:

    howabouta….”zzzz’s” crown? for the sleepyhead in all of us:)

  • jem jemmy says:

    im going to play too.. my idea is is a Paris them..of course with the Eiffel tower on there somewhere ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Trish says:

    I love the hearts crown–beautifully crafted. How about ‘goldilocks and the three bears’?

  • 13mimosa says:

    I love the idea of Little Red Riding Hood. Just the hood from behind walking away, a basket, a house, an axe, fir trees, glasses ..

  • amanda w. says:

    i would love to see a jungle themed crown, somewhat like the jungle book with palm trees and monkeys and jaguars and colorful birds! i loved the jungle book as a kid and always wanted to be mowgli haha.

    you are so unbelievably creative and i wish i could create something as beautiful!

  • elizabeth says:

    So very cute!!! What do you think about “queen of hearts”, and “king of darts”?

  • Kira says:

    Your crowns are so amazing! I’m an elephant fan, so how about one with elephants going all the way around. You know how the one behind holds the tail of the one in front with his trunk? They could be connected like that and maybe each consecutive elephant could get a little smaller till there’s a baby in the back. And they don’t have to be grey. They could be something fun like purple.

  • Storybook crowns. Tell the story in pictures across the crown. Example.

    Sleeping beauty.

    Image 1 Sleeping princess
    Image 2 Prince fighting the dragon
    Image 2 Princess and Prince dancing in the clouds

    Artistic details and little farries lead you from one picture to the next.

    I think those could be a lot of fun!

  • Also love the idea of a “galaxy” or “solar system” crown with the sun and the different planets. It’ll be so cool to see saturn with the ring or jupiter with the spot and of course – cool old planet earth with all it’s bright colors! I just love, love, love, the valentines crown!

  • I think zodiac crowns would be lovely.

  • i loooove your blog and the photos of your family are precious. i think a woods theme would be super cute- squirrels and owls and cool tree branches!

  • Barb says:

    President Obama Crown! The AUDACITY OF HOPE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • CadiBearGrr says:

    How about a campfire crown? Fireflies twinkling, caught and in jars..marshmallows being roasted..a beautiful night sky lit up with stars and a giant moon…very precious I think ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Prue says:

    What about an aeroplane crown?

  • These are such great ideas!! I want one of your heart crowns though! anything with love on it… ooooh… how about a “lovebug” crown just for me?!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Kate says:

    A crown based on the book by Maurice Sendak: Where the Wild Things Are. My little wild things would looovvveee one. Cheers and happy crown making!

  • found your blog through sugarcityjournal and love it!
    don’t know if its already been mentioned but how about
    WIZARD OF OZ/ ruby slippers /yellow brick road/ there is no place like home crown?
    my 3 yr old is lovin some dorothy right now;)

  • Sunshine says:

    Your crowns are just lovely. How about a “Special Day” crown. Something to be worn when a child loses a tooth, has a birthday, becomes an older sister/brother, accomplishes something or just feels special.

  • elisebuck says:

    I agree with a previous comment – a more boy friendly crown would be awesome. I was thinking an alligator crown, shown from the side profile, with a big toothy grin, and the tail meeting the mouth so that it wraps around the crown.

  • jenny says:

    beautiful work!
    looks like everyone has already thought of so many great ideas . . .
    my 6 yr old would want a night sky crown. dark with stars, perhaps a favorite constellation. of course SPARKLY!!

  • I asked my daughter and she said it should be a green crown with little woodland creatures (especially the hedgehog) and it should be lovely. I thought that sounded perfect.

  • Shop Girl says:

    How about a Brave Bear Get Well crown for a child who’s sick? The crown would surely lift the child’s spirits and encourage he/she to be brave. I’m thinking a cute little wool/felt 3-D teddy bear with cute bubbles and ladybugs or butterflies. It could be gender neutral or not.

  • molly says:

    i didn’t have a chance to read through all the entries so not sure if this has already been stated… but i have a small obsession with garlands and would love to see you create a “garland” crown.


  • lina says:

    i am thinking a woodland crown with birds & clouds in the sky, trees moss wildflowers & mushrooms on the ground, & a fawn with spots:]

  • Whitney says:

    I see a music crown, with notes. Maybe a circus one, with a tent and some animals. Or a fish one, with different colored fish. Or a fairy one or a puppet one.

  • I would like to see a sewing crown…then I could be the queen of thread, needles, pins and scissors…one of the points could even have a thimble perched on it.

  • jill says:

    a farm crown, of course!

  • i like days of the week crowns. they’d go well with days of the week undies. plus, it’d be fun for learning all of the days ๐Ÿ™‚

    maybe crowns devoted to cooking? like little helpers crowns? i’m not a big fan of chef’s hats. but i dig aprons. and an apron + crown would be supreme cuteness.

    or maybe even (like i’ve mentioned) a crown devoted to river otters! HOORAY OTTERS!

    robots in love?

    could you make a worry crown? something you wear when you’re scared but it makes you feel better and makes the worries go away?

    ooo, for president’s day could you make a mt. rushmore crown? or perhaps a crown that resembles lincoln’s hat for his birthday?

    whatever you do, i guarantee i’ll buy it. i love your crowns.

  • rustandroses says:

    I love your darling crowns, Miss Rubyellen! I had an idea for an octopus crown, with some tentacles dangling around the bottom, and whatever else might fancy an octopus…seaweed? Shells? I can’t wait to see what you whip up!!

  • Iris says:

    i don’t know about seasonal crowns, but maybe a “student of the day/week/month” crown for us teachers!!!

  • Iris says:

    or maybe more like a “star student” crown, and you can use stars, planets, comets, the moon, etc. again for us teachers!

  • Love these and thanks for having a fun contest.
    Here is my idea:
    Queen Bee or Honey Bee Crown or Queen Honey Bee! Beehive in the center or off center and flowers on each side or along the bottom, bees of yellow and and black flying around and maybe the Queen is pink and black with sparkely wings and a little crown of her own and maybe a wand or some accessory to make her stand out. I can see them buzzing around now.

  • I absolutely love your blog! It truly puts a smile on my face everytime that I read one of your new posts.

    Here is my idea:

    An “Arts and Crafts” Crown with cute little supplies scattered all over it! (Scissors, Glue, Crayons, etc.)

  • Kate G. says:

    i’m not sure about the copyright issues but i think crowns based on well loved children’s stories would be awesome. we are particularly partial to ‘goodnight moon’ in our house and i think the bold colors would look amazing as a crown.

  • kiko says:

    I would LOVE a Sushi crown…..definitely

  • iamrobyn says:

    I think a gingerbread crown would be cute! I know Christmas just passed, but something like a gingerbread house (made out of felt/fake candies) would be cute! I’m not really sure how to explain it. I can visualize it in my head but always have a hard time explaining to people how it would look! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Kiki says:

    I love all of your crowns, but how about:

    A ladybug crown!

  • ecky says:

    how bout a “tooth” crown.
    it could be for wearing to celebrate losing a tooth…it could have big happy teeth dancing on it with toothbrushes and floss and toothpaste. i like having special items that are brought out to celebrate certain occasions.

  • I would love to see a horse crown my daughter is in to horses and wanted a pony party but i just couldn’t get it all together in time. I would love to see her favorite animal on a crown that would be tutu sweet!
    Jen :]]

  • Rubyellen says:

    i totally love all these ideas! it will be hard to narrow it down to three…

    keep the ideas coming!!!

  • Well, I agree, there are so many good ideas already! I have to come up with something new. I like a tree idea crown, the whole face is different levels and colors of trees (like a forest). Maybe have a hidden bird or owl in the mix? Or a cute vintage-bambi-type deer?

    BTW-cute blog, just found it last week! Love your crowns, you’re so talented.

  • gret says:

    Not sure if it’s already been said…what about something unisex like a jungle crown? This could include swinging Monkeys, leaping tigers, colourful parrots, slithering snakes and all those exciting things that little people would love!

  • Tenaya says:

    How about a “Love your world” crown with the continents depicted (like a map) and swirls of thread & small hearts connecting them

  • ropergirl3 says:

    ooooh what a great idea! I adore your crowns and want one for me!!!
    How about an ocean type theme complete with grand sea turtle of some sort? My Sonshine’s nickname is TurtleBug!

  • Katie Carter says:

    There are some seriously amazing ideas here (I didn’t read through them all) but the ones I did I loved!!
    Here’s my idea :: I am seriously obsessed with Alice In Wonderland. So how about that theme…tea cups…playing cards…chester cat, top hats, catapillars and cupcakes?? If you wanted to get really detailed, you could make 1/2 of the background dark (when she’s scared and confused) and 1/2 light when she’s happy and excited?? What a fun game Ruby : )

  • lynne says:

    oh my, that is amazing. i LOVE the grass.

    have you read that poem, “hug o war” by shel silverstein in where the sidewalk ends? he has this great drawing of 2 stick figures hugging. how cute would it be to do something like that with hearts all over?

  • mikodesign says:

    What about a Frida Khalo inspired crown? (that’s the theme we have in mind for Sofia’s birthday…..)

  • Tanya says:

    How about a car theme … with a road and a few houses .. and a little stop sign?? My son would LOVE it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Katherine says:

    Fish– either a school or them or bags of goldfish. I can just see the happy, bright colors and movement!

  • elle + josh says:

    a have an 8-month old, a daughter named heron selah. we call her “little bird”, “birdie”, or “little blue” (as opposed to “great blue” heron…) so, naturally i think a bird crown of some sort would be lovely! a bird + nest, with little aqua blue eggs. a cream-colored crown, with browns and aquas.


  • Sarah Jane says:

    Oh you know how much I love your crowns! LOVE THESE!!! so whimsical, and care free. Love these!!! You constantly remind me to see the good in it all ruby…love your stuff, your site…love YOU!

  • Two thoughts-

    1) A Hawaiian themed crown with a hula girl theme, island colors, and maybe incorporating flowers as a lei?

    2) Why not a crown to celebrate our amazing democracy and newly inaugurated president. Red-white-blue, of course!

  • linzi says:

    I think that the most beautiful crown would be one covered in bright flowers of every kind. Not very creative, I know…but it would be the cutest crown ever. I know I would want to wear it!

    But if you’ve already made a crown like that in the past, I think that a cool idea would be to make a “peace” crown. Make it a crown so inspiring that some sort of peace really happens! Even if it’s just peace in the heart.

  • Casye says:

    I just adore your rosey poseys…can’t get enough of them! I think you should do a crown with teeny-tiny rosey poseys all over it! I think it would be super cute if you made it into a birthday crown by either putting the age of the child in the center of the crown or even the child’s first initial in the center!

  • Susan says:

    i love the crowns you made for my boys, but i’m in need of a girly crown for my little eleanor.

    i have two ideas and i just can’t resist listing them both. i am too late to be in the running anyway i think.

    i would want a crown to be covered in felt fruits (i love fruit!), a la carmen miranda. who hasn’t wanted to wear one of those fruit hats and dance around??? I guess the shape wouldn’t have to be so much a crown as just a fruit covered confection.

    what i’ve been thinking, though, is that you should think of some dual use reversible crowns to sell. THAT would be so cool, ruby! you know, one side pirate, the other side king. or one side princess the other side peacock… okay, that one was not so dead on… but i do like the idea of a peacock. maybe i should change my idea to that. who doesn’t love a peacock?! oh my goodness. wouldn’t that be just the prettiest. a little peacock in the middle with just giant peacock feathers streaming up? it’s even the shape of a crown – sort of. rats. i SO would have won this if i had seen that it was turned into a contest!!! i think i shall have to order a peacock crown since i won’t be able to win one… :O(

    so, to sum it all up…

    reversible crowns

  • Rubyellen says:

    susan- we are on the same page… i was thinking reverisble crowns of sorts too!

  • Susan says:

    oh, ruby! i’m so glad you were thinking that, too. while i was organizing the boys’ room just now i was thinking of ideas for reversible crowns that boys might wear. the best one i thought of would have to be a giant moon coming up from the bottom surrounded by a starry sky, and maybe some small planets in the distance (like a little earth!), and then the other side would be a giant sun coming up from the bottom into a sky that could be creamy or pink or blue or lavender… you’ve yet to turn down a personal request/custom order of mine. would this be pushing it??? :O)

    love, susan

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