BFF in town

June 24, 2011

So my BFF is finally on summer vacation and came to town. Well, she too is a southern California resident, but we live on almost opposite ends of southern california. She lives closer to the beach and I live a wee bit closer to the cows. That’s as best as I could describe it. It is a good hour away from each other, so when school is in session (she’s a teacher), we really don’t see each other often. Now, we have a few months to play and hang out! Usually our hang outs involve just my house because I really don’t leave the house with three girls and with summer starting to settle, it is just too darn hot to get out.
Of course, Lin came over with her newest load of shopping goods and modeled them for us (and I did the same with my tiny bits). It is so classic Linda and Ruby! When we were studying abroad in London during college, we would go out shopping together, then come back to our flat, try everything back on and “frolicked” our newest outfits in front of each other and the mirror (all behind closed doors so our roommates wouldn’t think we were bigger dorks than they already thought.) We are such strange creatures.
The girls of course made Auntie Linda read a gazillion books to them and play hide and seek a gazillion times! Soulie would sit with them and then come back to me after a few short seconds of listening to a story. She was more content roaming around.
bff and the girlssilly soul
When I told the girls their Auntie Linda was coming, they said, “Is she bringing mochi?” I just laughed. To them, their Auntie Linda is the mochi lady who brings the fresh made Japanese mochi to them every time she comes! It isn’t the ice cream kind, but has yummy bean filling inside. They are sooo good!!!
she always brings mochi!
Seriously, BFFs are the best. Don’t you agree?!! Thanks Auntie Linda (and Uncle John) for the loads of mochi and the entertainment. We love you!!!

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