turban style headband

April 13, 2016

Turban Style Headband

2 – 3″ x 18″ strips of fabric, may need to be adjusted depending on head size
5″-6″ piece of 1″ wide elastic
Sewing pins
Sewing machine

1. Lay one fabric strip perpendicular over the other strip. Next, fold each strip in half, joining the short ends of each strip together to link the center of each strip together.

2. Overlap 1″ end of the elastic onto one side of the fabric end, fold the fabric around the elastic to sandwich it in. Pin in place and straight stitch across. Repeat for the other side of the elastic and remaining end of the fabric headband. Be sure to check the sizing of the headband before you attach the elastic. Then, cut and adjust your fabric and elastic as needed. This one was for True, but if I were making it for littlest one, I would have cut an inch or two off the fabric, so it would be more fitted on her.

I ripped the fabric strips because I wanted frayed edges. You can cut them for less fringe, or even fold and sew if you don’t’ like raw edges. True’s been into wearing bandanas as headbands (or as scarves), so we set off to make some of these turban style headbands for her. They were quick and easy, and I put some of my fabric scraps to good use. She plans on making more for herself soon.

I love seeing her style evolve. Each girl is so different, even though they share clothes. They just accessorize and pair things differently. True’s outfit here looks perfectly fit for spring, and I’d totally wear it too (though I don’t think I’m cool enough to pull off the headband though).

And oh man … I see teenage True in these pictures.

on true: striped dress, c/o french toast. sandals, zara (last year, but similar here and here).

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