painted bandanas

February 19, 2016

Painted Bandanas
or call it a neck scarf, headband, or bib

21″ x 21″ piece of cotton fabric
Fabric paint
Acrylic paint
Fabric medium (mix with acrylic paint for permanence and washability)

1. Use fabric paint (or mix acrylic paint with fabric medium to create your own fabric paint) and paint your designs on the fabric.
2. Allow to dry completely.
3. Iron to heat set.

True’s been into wearing bandanas around her neck lately, or a handkerchief as a bracelet (see here), so we thought we would make our own. I like the raw edge, so we just cut up some cotton fabric into 21″ squares and went to painting them together. I’m not sure if it’s really a bandana, headband, or neck bib-type thing, but the great thing is that it can be all of those things. My big girls have loved throwing it on when they want to do a little accessorizing. And on Saturdays, True wears it as a head cover when we go outside to do gardening (that’s how Ben wears his). We left the edges raw because we like it that way, but you can certainly sew it if you want a cleaner finish.

My girls are all really into denim right now, probably because they see me wearing denim a lot these days. We’ve sewn a few denim dresses from large thrift store ones, and I want to sew them some tops and bellbottoms. If you aren’t into sewing, but looking for some cute denim wear, Old Navy carries some really great things right now. There are so many styles in the kids section that I would totally wear (like these overalls).

on true: denim dress (sold out, similar here), c/o old navy. neck scarf, handmade. on brave: flutter top & overalls, c/0 old navy. bandana, stolen from Ben (similar here). on soul: pattern shirt & jeans, c/o old navy. bandana, handmade. on glow: tee, c/o old navy. overalls & socks, gap.

To see other videos, follow Cakies on YouTube here.
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This post is in partnership with Old NavyThank you for the support you give this space and the brands I partner with! 

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