valentine fruit basket

February 18, 2016

I was stuck for the longest time on what to make Ben for Valentine’s Day. Of course, when the idea finally came, it was two hours before he was supposed to come home on Friday night (the day we agreed we’d all celebrate Valentine’s together). We had been out delivering my Galentine’s gifts, and as soon we got home, I set to work. The girls were rushing around finishing up their handmade Valentine’s gifts too!

I used tissue paper to create each fruit form, and then wrapped them with crepe paper streamers to create the fruit. Good ol’ glue was used to keep the streamers in place. I was hustling to get all my fruits made when I realized I was out of red and orange streamers. I loaded up the girls into the car and we set off to the nearest party store to pick some up. Thirty minutes later, we were back home and I hurried to finish the rest of my fruits. I cut up some kraft card stock to make the tags and wrote the silly love sayings to go along with each fruit. I had a cotton rope basket I made awhile back and that ended up being the perfect fruit basket.

When Ben surprised us with lots of ice cream, I chuckled inside because here he was giving us low-nutrition, and in return I give him high-nutrition. Totally sounds like us! I am the “low-nu lover” as the kids say, and Ben is so diligent at moderation and making sure to get his five-a-day. Even though we gravitate to different things to satisfy our sweet cravings, I think together we make a perfect pear!

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