polaroid tuesday: week one

January 4, 2011

Not sure if anyone noticed, but last year my tuesday polaroids ceased around October. Our scanner became a pain to use and mainly I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. I still loved polaroids, but I was just feeling so uninspired in using my polaroid camera to take some pictures. But I think my desire is back, but instead of sharing random pretty pictures I take with my polaroid, every week I am going to take a polaroid of all three of my girls together. I think this will be a nice little documentation, don’t you?
polaroid tuesday
polaroids + true, brave, & soul = happiness
Today is a lazy day. Well, yesterday was too and we stayed in pajamas all day! Ben even said, “Um, maybe you should take a bath!” Ha! I did today, but yesterday I just wasn’t in the mood. Oh well! Sometimes, you just gotta prioritize!
Happy Tuesday!

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