June 24, 2011

strawberry shortcake
I am getting rounder by the minute. Yesterday was mochi, today was loads of pastries from Paris Baguette (thanks Jane!) and I made strawberry shortcake (it looks a bit like mush now, but it is still good). I am suffering from sugar overload and I don’t think I want anything sweet for the rest of the day. Okay… maybe I will have some ice cream tonight, but that’s it. For reals.
I hope Ben’s back feels better soon because I miss my workout partner (he hurt it last weekend)! This week we didn’t work out at all and I have been feeling much more tired without it. Usually, we work out in the morning. Ben wakes up first, then shakes my foot to wake me up, and I groggily go downstairs to get some exercise in. So if he doesn’t work out, I don’t. It is the best energy booster and makes me feel better and more efficient to care for the three girls. And I don’t feel as guilty when indulging in loads of sugary goodness!
This week was filled with lots of friend visiting and catching up and now I am definitely ready for the weekend!
Things this week…
– No gestational diabetes (praise God!), but I am anemic again.
– I have a new love for vintage children chapter books. I have started a little collection.
– Don’t let your husband carry a concrete vintage bird bath in a rush. He will hurt his back.
– Make sure your husband doesn’t leave his basketball shorts on the hard wood floor, cause you will trip and get a concussion. My poor BFF did!
– I am encouraged to see Ben sharing life with another member from our church family. He is such a shy guy, that it isn’t easy for him to open up.
– Seriously want this dress (in green) and these shoes (in black, size 6)! Anthro is my weakness. Dear Anthro, Will work for clothes.
– Pretty much caught up in emails (for now). Just have a few more left.
Hope you all have a grand summer filled weekend!!!

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