a love-ly string of sweetness

February 9, 2009

Valentine’s Day is coming and I have never really decorated for little days like this, but with the girls growing, it is fun for them to get involved and working on something for a little celebration. Then, seeing their little finished project always puts such a big smile on their face. Thus, we made our Valentine’s Day garland and hung it up on the mirror which rests atop our fireplace (and yes, I know the mirror is broken, we like it that way!)…

putting it together
valentine's garland
soft color... love it!

Now, I saw this garland somewhere and pretty much just replicated it using cupcake liners and doilies. I can’t find where I found it and the Garland blog, I think that had it, is no longer working, so if someone knows where this came from, please send me the link because I would like the give the creator the credit due to them… thank you! Thank you all you wonderful people for sharing all those links and I found the wonderful blog I first learned it from, which is Petunia!!! So much goodness there that you must check it out…

Anyways, this was super easy to make and the girls had such fun taking out the cupcake liners and stringing them onto the twine. Kids have so much fun doing the simplest of things, but they like it more when you are doing it with them. Crafting and making memories is such a good combination!
There is lots to do this week as I plan on having a shop update soon and we are busy playing. Yes, playing (and well, other housekeeping activities). Also, one of my good friends and I are going to be hanging out at Cafe de Leche, which I learned about from Karen, this Thursday morning at around 10-ish. If any of you live in the L.A. are, you are more than welcome to join us. This little coffee shop is great because it has a place for kids to play. I would love to meet some of you, so if you want to just hang out and chat about mom things with us, just email me. 
Have a love-ly Monday friends!!!
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