a wee sweet bird and its new home

February 4, 2009

Spring is around the corner, though it may seem so far for some of you who are knee deep in snow. Soon, very soon, the sun will be back out and much life and color will be springing forward.

 A bit early, but in anticipation of the new season, a wee sweet bird made its new home…

a little tweet
sweetly tweeting
my sweet bird
gathering branches
gathering branches
my sweet bird dress

The succession of photographs and dress was much inspired by this photo (via A Room Somewhere). I saw this awhile back and instantly fell in love with the styling of the photo.

Looking forward to Spring, brought back the thought of this photograph. I wanted to create a soft, sweet and simple dress that resembled the soft blue sky and delicate clouds the wee bird would be flying through to make its new home. Also, seeing Lynne’s dress reminded me that I had the same trim, so it was more than perfect! Plus, my little girl’s sweet head was a most suitable place for a nest. Don’t you think? Oh such bliss for the wee sweet bird… 
Oh and thank you all for not making me feel horrible about my horrendously messy closet. I must say, I am glad to share it with you, though I am still embarrassed. Maybe next month, we can have another Messy Monday. I am sure I will have new messes to share, and as I speak (or type), I am working on my closet. I hope to show you a much prettier picture soon!

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