the harts

February 13, 2009

We decided to make a family…
the making of the Harts
I cut them out and punched the holes, then True drew the faces and gave them limbs…
she can draw faces
I am so amazed that she could draw faces. She starts off with eyes, nose, then mouth, and lastly adds a mustache. After which, she scribbles a little, but I was definitely impressed!
Presenting, the Harts…
the harts
Watch out! Baby Hart tries to steal the O’s…
watch out!
Brave’s temperature has gone down, but she is still a bit moody, yet very cute. We have been spending more time crafting these days. It is fun, lots of fun. I thank God for giving me these moments.
Love Day is tomorrow, though you should be showing love everyday, and I will be spending it with my loves, the ones who have stolen my heart, and these girls definitely have…
i love her
my other love
How could these faces not have stolen my heart?!! They are irresistible, just like their Papi!

Have a love-ly Valentine’s Day!!!

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