i’m no van Gogh

April 17, 2009

This is my version of Starry Night…

starry night crown

starry night crown

starry night crown

It wasn’t easy. This crown intimidated me. I don’t even remember how many times I started over or had to stop cause I was just stuck on how to make it. It is long overdue, but it is the hands of the winner now (at least I hope so). My arms were sore from turning and turning it using the free motion foot. I am happy with the final product, though surely, I am no van Gogh. There is only one and I am not he. 

May your weekend be filled with starry nights…
p.s. Ben and I just started looking at the possibility of going to New Orleans sometime in July for our anniversary, but I have a few questions before we dive any further: 1) Anyone know of any good places to stay that are nice but won’t break the wallet? 2) Anyone know of any flea markets that might be going on? Yes, I plan vacations around flea markets. Any help is greatly appreciated. I so want to go and have never been, so I am excited about the prospect!

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