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May 7, 2009

I know one day my children will leave me and grow up and make nests of their own, but I am hoping that one day comes very slowly. Though, word on the street is that day comes in a blink of an eye. I don’t think I will ever be ready. Is anyone ever ready for that “one day”? It is coming slowly, but surely for my parents and Ben, well, he flew far, far away years ago. I have a rule: my kids have to live in the same state as me. Can I make that rule? I don’t know, but I am making it. Oh no! As I type this, I see the kind of parent I will become… I will try to rule my children’s lives forever. Okay, maybe I take back the rule. They can live wherever God calls them to. May God get my heart ready for that one day… yikes, I dread that day. 
All this empty nest talk and thoughts is due to the fact that we really do have an empty nest… 
empty nest

I never even got one last picture of the fast growing baby huneybirds (I am kicking myself in the butt now). It was Tuesday afternoon, I watched them fidget in their nest and saw Mrs. Huneybird perched nearby, then I went upstairs to shower (yes, I got a late start that day). An hour or so later, we were all headed to the park when I went to take a little peek and there were gone.   G-O-N-E. Gone. Nowhere to be found. My heart sank. It is still a bit low, darn, this empty nest thing ain’t gonna be easy. Thus, Sun and Moon were now off on their own somewhere. They have yet to return and visit us. We put a feeder there hoping to entice them. Still haven’t seen them. 

We miss you Sun & Moon! You provided us countless moments of entertainment. Brave and True (Ben and me too!) want you to come back. 

Onto mother-ness. I like being a mother, scratch that, I love being a mother. Some days I don’t feel like a very good one, when my patience grows thin and yes, I do have those bad days. I am not perfect. Thank God for the cross! I really need to constantly remind myself to find the joy in serving my family, it is easy to forget when hormones are raging. See everyone, I am normal. Despite my shortcomings, my girls still love me even when I’m cranky. I am so thankful. I love them so much and highly recommend motherhood. It definitely changes you. You get an extra dose of understanding and compassion as a mother. It really is amazing. 
Plus, I get another day for me, since I am a mother. Another day to get spoiled by Ben (no pressure Benny!) and my girls. I like being spoiled by my husband. He’s just so darn good and it’s fun. So in honor on mother’s day, I didn’t buy myself a new dress, rather just made one out of some very nice linen. I love linen…

my mother's day dress
bunches of something

I bunched flower-ish things on the side. I am thinking of undoing it and switching it to the other side, something just doesn’t feel right. I don’t know. Maybe, I am just too picky. Nevertheless, I will be wearing this to celebrate my day (and all the mother’s everywhere) with my little family, whom I love very much. 
I still have some sewing to do as I need to make my mother her present (and finish shop orders), so I will be bidding you farewell early. Have a good Thursday, Friday, and tell your mama you love her this weekend! 
Happy Mother’s Day everyone (well, to the mamas)!
p.s. I am re-thinking my rule.

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  • MandieGirl says:

    I love the dress, and as someone who’s not even a momma yet, your post about the empty nest makes me sad already, but happy knowing it’s possible to love your babies THAT much! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • katie says:

    loove the dress!

    my mom made my sisters and I stay in the same city… otherwise I would live with a constant guilt trip. Good thing I have the best family in the world!

  • katieoz says:

    i just discovered this blog and love it. Ahh the looming empty nest. I’ve just started on this parenting journey but feel that it has already made life feel like it’s flashing by me at a millions miles a second.

    My mom is one of those mothers that would like to require me to live in the same state…granted, we are in the state adjacent but it’s still too far for her. I hope I can let God help me let go of my lil’ one when the time comes.

  • Natalie says:

    I love your dress, you are such a talented woman.

    I try not to think about my little babies moving away

  • melindakimbo says:

    happy momma’s day to you.

  • Meghan Hein says:

    Funny that you should mention your “huneybirds…” I was reading a book to my second graders this afternoon and we’ve been learning all about the life cycle of a seed. When we got to the page about pollination there was a picture of a hummingbird next to a bright pink flower. All of my students raised their hands to tell me about how they’ve seen “huneybirds” by their house. I smiled and thought of your girls. Is it okay if eight year olds are STILL calling them huneybirds? I kinda like the name after all. 🙂
    I hope you enjoy a wonderful Mother’s Day! Love the dress!

  • Oh Ruby, this is THE SWEETEST post! You are so right on! I feel the SAME way about my sweet little baby girls.
    Don’t grow up tooooooo fast, please! Don’t fly away too far!
    Your linen dress is so lovely….just leave it! (the flowers) It is perfect! You will be so sweet in it.
    Happy mothers day,

  • grace says:

    Oh goodness the thought of my children leaving is truly heart breaking. I won’t be ready. Please Lord, give me strength!

    This dress is just too perfect! I wonder if I could duplicate it in maternity??

  • RachelDenbow says:

    Your dress is lovely! And may this year’s Mother’s Day be extra special!!!

  • Shannon says:

    LOVE THAT DRESS!! Can you make me a black one? and two crowns for my kids….go on…because obviously youve got nothing better to do…..!!

    (Id pay you, by the way!)

  • Lin says:

    Your dress is gorgeous! I wish I had the time with my two littlies to do some crafting! I hope you have a lovely mother’s day! I’m sure looking forward to mine!

  • Hibler House says:

    Love your dress, maybe add one more flower thing at the bottom, and don’t move it! My parents made that same rule for the rest of my siblings after I got married and now live much too far away. I think it’s a great rule. I’m going to have that rule, or else I’ll move to be near my children. You won’t be controlling! Family is the most important thing, and it’s so nice to be near.

  • Veronica TM says:

    so sad about the birdies! hopefully they will come back to visit you, they have to have felt you presence and your love!
    that dress is amazing, YOU are amazing! {and you are picky too, because i think the flower thing looks great where it is}
    happy mother’s day!

  • Rubyellen says:

    it is nice to hear that i am not crazy for wanting to make that rule. i can’t believe that my babies won’t be babies forever!

    meghan- i love that they call it huneybirds too!

    grace- i think this would be the perfect maternity dress! i happen to look like i am hiding something in it!

    shannon- ooo… black! that would look nice. i will add that to my list!

    hibler house- i was thinking of adding one more. let me see how it looks!

    thanks you everyone. i used a pattern that i made. it is really easy. i should draw out the instructions. anyone could do it!

  • sweet dress… =) I’m excited for that day when I (finally!) join the club and become a momma too!

  • zombiemommy1 says:

    love the dress! happy (almost) mommys day to you too!!!

  • Mary says:

    I read your blog occasionally and I think its so fun!

    Don’t worry about your kids living far away! Think of it as a way to travel more! Of course it would be so nice to have your kids close by and you don’t want to miss a thing, but you could be traveling to see them and vacationing more!

  • I totally can relate on your feelings on motherhood!

    And your dress is beautiful, love the fabric!

  • Asha says:

    I already do the countdown, my son is 4 so I think , “in 14 years he’s going to leave me!!” and my heart sinks so I know how you feel!
    My rule isn’t that my kids have to live in the same state as me (I want them to experience life), but I’m going to following them wherever they go!

  • mrs.deane says:

    Happy Mommy’s Day to you, too!

    Regarding your whole empty nest problem… Ummm… This is one of the reasons I keep having more and more kids :O) Just kidding. Sort of.

    Hugs to you!

    Love, Susan

  • Becky says:

    The first line of your post made me misty eyed.

    Very, very cute dress.

  • debkar says:

    Interesting to read your post today after watching (just hours earlier)my son & daughter-in-law drive away from their house (now up for sale)to begin their journey toward a new job and a new home in a new state. I never expected that he would find a job (after college) in the town where he grew up & where we still live but he did. So I'm just counting the last seven years as a blessing. I'm weepy for me that we won't have them in town for our monthly family dinners together & impromptu lunches & help when felling big, dead trees in our yard. But I'm excited for them to have this new adventure before them. At least my daughter & son-in-law won't be leaving town for another two years when she finishes medical school & starts a residency program somewhere out of state! It is true how quickly your hands-on mothering days pass. You blogging mommas are recording such precious memories and photos. I hope they are all backed up and saved securely for your children to read when they are grown. Blessings on your Mother's Day celebration!

  • sharyl says:

    That dress is gorge! i love the pink!

    My mom didn’t really make a rule of staying in the same state, though i kind wish she did. I don’t like being too far away from them…

    Happy Mother’s Day!!

  • chelseybell. says:

    Just came across your blog–and am loving it! you seem to have a really upbeat attitude and a positivity that just radiates through your writing. Reading your entries always makes me smile.

    I’m not a mom yet, but I’m already fearing the day my (maybe) children move away–but, I have a feeling that it’s easier than it seems or that it at least gets easier with time.

    loved the three bears party! hope you and you’re wonderful family have a great weekend!

  • Ellen says:

    Happy Mommy Day Ruby! I hope your happy mommy day is filled with lots of kisses and hugs!

    This time, dont forget to take a picture of yourself in your beautiful dress!!!

    Always love your photos!

  • Rachel says:

    Beautiful dress!

  • michelle says:

    happy mother’s day 🙂 i love reading your blog. i don’t leave comments often, but i love reading about your children and you’re a lovely mother. (oh my goodness, that birthday party was so darling i would cry if i was there drinking tea and making crowns.)and your daughter is so beautiful.

    again, happy mother’s day. x

  • Your dress is so so pretty! I can’t believe you made that yourself (well, can considering your shop, but still.) What talent. The dress is so my style too.

  • p.s. happy mother’s day!

  • Beautiful dress for a beautiful mamma!!! I love linen too… I’m on a linen kick lately but more on bulletin boards (sort of boring). I was just discussing this very thing with my children– where they want to live when they grow up! I told them how exciting it is that they have the choice to live anywhere in the world!!! Isn’t that exciting? See… I realized the same thing when they were babies– that it was a privilege to raise them and I know they’ll be gone someday. I also decided that if I want to be near them, then that’s my responsibility to live where I can be near them… or to at least visit as often as possible. My mom laid a huge guilt trip on me, as well as Craig’s mom on him… it only caused grief to us and we resented it. We missed home but needed to pursue our lives too. Instead of spending the time loving us, they’d complain about missing us. So I vowed never to do that to my own children. I’m so excited for their adult lives…and I make every minute count that I’m with them now!!! You’ll do the right thing because your heart is in the right place. I know it! {{hugs!!}}

  • trying really hard to not think about the day our nest empties – my promise is to enjoy every single day and make it special in some way so it’s remembered always. and by the looks of your life (i’ve had a little looky through your great blog) every one of your family members will have a lot of happy things to recall! and that dress – gorgeous! am new to sewing so loving all the inspiration i keep finding online – thanks!

  • Kanoe M. says:

    Love, love this dress!!! You’re fabulous and so is your blog. Thank you for sharing (wiping away tear). 🙂 I can feel the love.

  • boots says:

    i love your mothers day dress, i too love linen and can't get enough lately. i just discovered your blog and think you are an amazing seamstress and mother.

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