slow and stuck

May 14, 2009

This week has been a tough one. Not much getting done and not much desire to get anything done. Ever have one of those weeks? Though with my slowness and stuckness, there has been a lot of cuddling. Now, that is good. The girls and I will spend the morning just cuddling in my bed. Then, the afternoon is spent cuddling on the family room floor. Really, those are good times. I am treasuring these moments.
I got myself a little perk up, or energy booster, or creative juice flow-er, or just whatever you want to call it. The most recent issue of Lula (ah! such visual eye candy!) and a piece of fruit (okay, maybe I had 4 on the plate and already ate 3).  I am hoping this will help unstick me and make me faster. Hoping. Maybe.


Therefore, if I owe you an email or comment (and I know I have a few deadlines looming), please forgive me. I will get to it. I promise. It’s just right now I am stuck and slow. Just one of those weeks when nothing much is going on except lots of cuddling and laying in bed. You wouldn’t even want to see my house. Ah! Such a mess. Maybe I should hire an assistant, okay, maybe not, the job description would sound more like slave and I don’t think anyone would want that job. Nope. I am sure no one would want that job. That wouldn’t be much fun. 
Well, here’s to my fruit munching and juice flowing and Lula browsing need to get some inspiration back time… 
How are you all feeling today? Anyone stuck too?

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  • Kate says:

    both the peach and the magazine look lovely. and stuck? boy howdy. i am having a stuck MONTH. good to know i’m not the only one trying to get out of the bog.

  • chelseybell. says:

    having a stuck couple of months actually. it’s my finals week and i’ve barely studied–and i’ve been skipping workouts (there goes the energy). hope you get unstuck quick, but that you enjoy your stuck-cuddling time!

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  • I think i’m stuck almost every day. ha.
    but cuddling time is a fav. and a must with sweet lil kiddies. ohhh love. 🙂

    oh by the way.. just found your blog earlier this week . love. it.

    oh and another by the way..
    my almnost 2 year old boy apparently loves your mom. He likes to stare at it and says “gramma”. I guess the dark skin and simmilar hair and eyes got got him. haha

  • RachelDenbow says:

    Here’s to lots of patience with the stuck-ness and letting it be okay for now. It’s enough to drive any creative woman crazy when she can’t seem to get things done, or started, much less keep on top of the house work.

    Here’s to some renewed energy and creative relief!

  • Prue says:

    Ooh, I’m not stuck at all – I just sent my tax off to the accountant (with the new tax year about to start in only 2 months!) plus I finally got the chance to wash the kitchen floor! I’m feeling terribly virtuous!

  • ecky says:

    i spend a lot of time stuck lately…and usually i read blogs like yours and feel as if everyone else is creating and doing and making and i am the only lame one who isn’t…so thanks for showing me that i am not alone : )
    in an odd way – maybe it will help me get more unstuck.

  • jem jemmy says:

    you can hire me 🙂

  • Hannah says:

    Maybe it’s time of year, I feel like hiding most of this month. Hiding and sleeping.

  • not me. I can’t be. though I’d want to. less then one month and I’m outta here. I have so much to do. so, I can’t be slow. And I can’t be stuck. =P

  • Laura says:

    I’m just now starting to come out of the rut I’ve been in for about a year now! lol! For me, doing something different or new helps (like seeing a movie by myself for the first time, or exploring a new little town or coffee shop), taking a drive alone in the country with the windows down and radio blaring, listening to old mix tapes and cds and finding new music I like…. these all inspire me. I like to drift off to sleep at night thinking of new ideas, favorite lines in poems, the colors of the sunset that evening… 😉

  • awh poo RB 🙁

    I like looking at Lula too, well just on the web.

  • kayla says:

    one more reader! wanted to let you know you’re appreciated some more. i found you through marta ( and i hope you don’t mind me peeking in on your blog, because your words and actions that you share uplift and inspire me. i hope your stuck time doesn’t last too long!

    love, kayla

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