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July 27, 2009

quiet morning

The girls are still sleeping. I guess they were worn out from our full day yesterday, part of which was spent at the beach under the warm California sun. I wish I could still be sleeping, it feels so nice to sleep, but my body is accustom to waking at around 6-7 in the morning. Plus, there is a plethora of things to do, so if I were still in bed, I probably wouldn’t be sleeping, but stressing about all the things that need to get done. Thus, I am awake and enjoying some banana cupcakes, which just came out fresh from the oven this morning. 
Today’s agenda is ready as I have some friends coming over for lunch and have my list of things to do in the afternoon. Next week is my Brave’s 2nd birthday, so there is another list of things to ready for her special celebration, which will probably be a date with just Mommy and Papi (True will be at Grammie’s house). 
Well, here is to the start of a good week and cupcakes are always the best way to start, right? 
What did you eat this morning to start off your week? Maybe it was a bit healthier than my choice…

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  • An eggie scrambled in butter and some cooked steel cut oats (that I soaked overnight in kefir and water) topped with local raspberries, ground flax seed, kefir, and fresh blueberries from the plants we are growing out on our front stoop (in whiskey barrels!).

    SO yummy.

    But I dropped some egg on my floor. Oops.

  • RachelDenbow says:

    mmm….rice pudding for breakfast with decaf coffee and the ritual glass of water to stay caught up.

    Usually it's plain yogurt with some chocolate chips sprinkled in for good measure!

    Those cupcakes look delicious!!!

  • grace says:

    We started the day with oatmeal. One of our faves. Everybody has their favorite toppings and it fills us up quite nicely. Hope you day goes well and the to-do list disappears easily.

  • Mama Llama says:

    My breakfast was no healthier than yours: I had two chocolate chip cookies. There is just something about Monday mornings that call for a treat. I see laundry on your list of things to do today, too. I have a long date with a special washer planned for this afternoon.

  • 1030jo says:

    Ditto on Mama Llama's monday – treat 4 bfast. I had 2 moist homemade chocolate brownies and a tall cold mug o' fat free milk! And my pre-natal vitamin! (Expecting #3 in October–so I'm looking into your banana cupcakes for more baking inspiration!!!)

  • Helen says:

    Hmmm I'd love to kick off the week with a cupcake! I just had boring cereal.

  • melindakimbo says:

    watermelon. and korean bbq.

  • scrambled egg~
    steel cut oatmeal with rice dream~
    fresh fruit~

  • Prue says:

    A banana, raspberry and blueberry smoothie. The kids liked the idea so much they had about a third of it! Must make more next time!

  • hawkeyejlp says:

    I had a clementine and hazelnut coffee, then for elevenses, an English muffin with tomato and fresh basil.

  • Rubyellen says:

    look like everyone has such yummy breakfast everyday! today's menu was two banana cupcakes and a glass of chocolate soy milk. yum.

    lin- korean barbeque?!!

  • heather says:

    oh i had a banana cupcake with cream cheese frosting….

  • Lis says:

    peanut butter sandwiches. I'm pregnant and it's the hormons….for sure…
    Otherwise I would have eaten fruit og something like that…ahem…..

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