boxed and ready

July 24, 2009

I am on a cooking thing this week and the latest thing was red velvet cupcakes. Tomorrow will be spent using my 5 bunches of super ripe bananas to make anything banana that you can imagine! Please keep the banana tips coming. As for today, I am going to hand off these cupcakes to some special friends, one of which is the super savvy brain of Oh, hello friend.

cupcakes for a friend
Of course, the outside has to be as enticing as the inside (at least, I hope the cupcakes are enticing).
boxed cupcakes
boxed cupcakes
Then, I must not forget to allow me and my baby to indulge in at least one, okay maybe two cupcakes, to get the day started.
cupcake for me

Happy weekend all! Anyone have any special plans? Besides baking tomorrow, I will be doing house stuff and then on Sunday after gathering with our church family, we are headed to the beach! 
See you Monday!

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