attempt one and attempt two

July 22, 2009

Scrappin’ wedding wednesday stuff until one of my bestest friend gets engaged and we all go into full fledge wedding planning. Then, we will be talking wedding stuff a lot. I must say I am so excited. I know (and she knows) its coming. She isn’t suppose to know, but she does, cause her boyfriend is really excited and loves her so much that he can’t contain a secret (I hope John isn’t reading this). If he is… John hurry up and propose already!

Anyways, so I did get to do some sewing before we left for vacation. I needed a dress cause I am running out of clothes with the burgeoning bump. I know this will sound crazy, but wearing skirts or pants make me nauseous. Super queasy. I will put one on the for the day thinking I won’t feel it, then I do, and I end up changing. Thus, I needed to make a dress. Now, I have loved the mociun tie front dress for a long time, but my pocket book doesnt (neither would Ben’s pocketbook), so I decided to try and make it. It can’t be that hard, right? So I sketched out my plan. Mind you, I am not a pro seamstress. I just learn from trial and error and make things to only fit my body. I finally worked on it and let’s just say that my first attempt was big bust.

busty made wrong wannabe mociun tie front dress

The dress was way too ginormous for me, even with a big bump, and the pattern was too much, the cotton too heavy. It was just all wrong. It made me look like I was wearing Joseph’s technicolor coat! Maybe, one day I will figure a way to make it workable. I am thinking if I get a coordinating solid fabric to make the skirt, it might work. I don’t know. When I get the courage to attack this piece again, I will. 

Thus, quite unhappy with my first attempt. I attempted to do another. I was very determined. This time I used a much lighter weight cotton, a bit more tamed pattern, and actually created my own pattern first before just cutting on the fabric. This time it turned out much better.

alas! my own mociun tie front dress knock-off
Ben loved the dress as it hugged the right places for him and it was loose in the right places for me. He was happy and so was I, and that is always a good thing. The dress was worn to galavant all over New Orleans (and the day we found out we were having another girl). I never took a picture straight on, but this will do and another picture here (maybe, you could see more in our four-niversary set). 
under a tree in jackson square
I really love the cut of the dress and not only it is good for pregos like me (Rachel, you have got to try it!), but it will work perfectly for after when breast feeding. You just untie the top and “voila!” baby is happy. I asked Ben how many dresses in this style would be too many to make, he said just make two. So I will set out to make another, cause really this dress is too grand. I would love the real mociun, but I can’t afford it and this suits perfectly.
Of course it would happen that after my first badly messed up try and this second one, I found a graceful lady who also adores the mociun tie front dress and made her own pattern of it and shared it on her blog (only if I found this first). This time around, I will attempt to follow her instructions and see if makes it a little easier, but having already made one will also make the process a bit more cinchy (I hope). 
Now, to find the time to make another… 

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