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July 29, 2009

Ah! Such a good feeling. We were long overdue for an art supply replenishment. We are fully loaded and happy with all our new little goodies. Our colored pencil supply that goes along with our family sketchbook is also nicely stocked up. I still want to get some tempera paints and a few other goodies, but I think my most recent purchases will suffice for this bit.
fresh supplies
What do we have? Well, we got some new markers and colored pencils from the wonderful German company Stabilo. Then, we got some small-big colored pencils, crayon rocks, and  watercolor crayons from this lovely store (all fantastic eco-friendly stuff). It all looks so pretty in their special little spots. The first night we had them, True wanted to see them before she went to sleep. She said, “Mommy, I want to see my art stuff in my art cabinet.” It was a melt-your-heart moment. All looks lovely, just lovely.
love LOVE crayon rocks
We have been doing a lot of doodling with them and things get messy real fast. These little girls like to take everything out of the art cabinet to use. It is a grand mess after all the coloring and doodling is done. Happy crafty messes are the best messes to have.
all our doodles
I am in full force of creating. I have about 10 necklaces to put in the shop. I plan on making at least 5 bags using vintage tablecloths, and a whole surplus of things that I hope I will have time for. I have been bitten by the crafting bug bad and it is about time, since this baby in my belly has kept a lot of new crafting at bay. I am pretty happy dappy in crafty land of late. 
How about you… are you crafting up anything new? Let’s all be in happy, dappy, crafty land together!

15 comments on “fresh supplies”

  • Thats weird I was just thinking the same thing when my daughter and I sat down to doodle the other day. Her markers had seen better days and some of them are starting to dry out. I need to replenish our stash ASAP too.

    I'm working on some baby booties for my niece to be. I'm waiting to post pics on my blog until after the shower so I can surprise my sis. But I can't help but giggle when I make them. They are so small and cute!

  • boots says:

    I'll be in a happy crafty mood with you!!! i can't wait to have a daughter ( or son )to tell me that they want to craft too!!
    last night i made a ring cushion for my co workers wedding, I'm gonna post some photos tomorrow so you can check it out! happy crafting!

  • mandiegirl says:

    I'm getting there….going to be taking a few sewing lessons in the next month, so I'm hoping that I can sew a(an almost, at least) straight line by then. 🙂 Can't wait until I can make recognizable things! 🙂

  • Janessalynne says:

    those are some cute little doodles right there ! (: aww

  • Susan says:

    My kids love their crayon rocks and I am very excited for the shop update.

    Love ya!

  • amandallynn says:

    Great photos! All the colors have inspired me to do some glass painting!

    I wish I had all that fun stuff when I was little : )

  • Just crafted some cards for friends…love things like grommets and brads to round out the details.

    This is such a pretty post!

  • KraftXCore says:

    These pictures are so beautiful and colorful! They make me all color inspired!!

  • Becky says:

    You make me want to go and buy these supplies for my little ones. The colors are so rich and the shapes are so fun, unlike the typical crayola brand! Hmmm…

    I hope you are well! Hugs to the cakies clan!

  • Iris says:

    i finally finished kekoa's scrapbook of his first year. i need to make a bunch of cards and restock my inventory. gonna have a scrapbook/cardmaking night this friday at my house with a few friends. i love those crayon rocks! i'll need to get some for kekoa when he gets older.

  • Janet says:

    Thanks! I have been looking for some good art supplies for my 3 and 1 yr old for awhile now. I ordered the crayon rocks today after I saw this. I've been silently inspired by you often. Glad you feeling crafty again.

  • tara says:

    Yay on the shop update, and thanks for getting me thinking of craft supplies again. I really needed to restock our art bins. Love the rocks.

  • Rubyellen says:

    i am so glad to hear how everyone is getting their art supplies together! i am so glad that you loved that shop as much i did. i already want to order more!!!

  • Rubyellen says:

    iris- i wish i did scrapbooking. i just don't have time! good thing you did kekoa's first year. i just count my blogs as my album!!!

  • Kellie H says:

    love those crayon rocks!! perfect for my Avery. thx for sharing the site
    I am planning Avery's butterfly/flower graden birthday. Dreaming up the cake decorations & goodies

    …I have many scrapbooking supplies, but never made it past the preggie pages. I too count my blog & countless photographs as my 2 baby books

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