enjoying the process

September 18, 2009

When making something the process can sometimes be more enjoyable than the outcome. Though, in this case it was both.

I am the girliest of girls and my little girls are too. I recollect wanting so many dolls as a little girl and bugging and bugging my parents to buy them for me. I imagine my girls feel sort of the same way, except they don’t watch television to see the new dolls that are out there nor do we take them to toy stores for them to see dolls to want. I much prefer the handmade way. There’s no such thing as having too many dolls, so we set out to make some new ones to add to our collection.
Using an old cotton sheet and fabric markers we set off to draw some dolls. All three of us did. The girls really enjoyed using markers to draw, especially since it was on fabric rather than paper. Then, I cut out our hand drawn pictures, as the girls picked coordinating fabrics for the backing from our scrap pile. After which, I heat set all the drawn images. I quickly sewed the pieces together and True stuffed as I did so. We were all enjoying the process as we talked and laughed along, though Brave did eventually go to nap somewhere in the middle.

drawing dollswear a smock or bib
(When working with fabric markers don’t forget to put on some sort of smock or bib as fabric marker stains will not come out. )
stuffing dolls
True was so excited about all of them that she lined them all up to take a picture. Of course, she plopped herself in right in the middle.
she lined them all up and got in
Immediately, they were taken to her room to be played with and loved.
hand drawn dolls made by True
(The three dolls hand drawn by True.)
True in the picture with Brave's doll
(The doll hand drawn by Brave which True claims to be hers.)
hand drawn dolls
True is at an age now where she is able to follow project instructions really well. Brave not so much, but she will get there. Nevertheless, Brave had so much fun doodling all about the fabric as she pleased. I can see how much True has grown from the very first doll we made. Here, she drew the dolls all by herself, picked out fabric she liked, and stuffed most of them by herself too. The only thing she didn’t do was iron and sew, which I don’t think she is quite ready for. Also, True is the one who did most of the clean up afterwards. She knew how and where to put everything away. It was so obvious to me how much learning and fun she was having through out the whole process.
See… who needs a toy store when you can make your own toys?!!
Thinking about this little project reminds me how much I need to enjoy the process of parenting. Not saying I don’t, but sometimes it can easily be forgotten amidst the busyness of the everyday, and the sometimes hard and frustrating days. Even those days are just all part of the process of our children growing and us growing. Throughout our whole life, no matter what season, we must always remember to enjoy the process. We should always be life learners throughout this process called life.
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