for our dancer

September 25, 2009

True is the newest little dancer in house. Naturally, there must be a go-to bag to put all of her teeny, tiny dance stuff. Made of linen on the outside and the most perfect cotton fabric for the inside, this little number does the job. Of course, a little embroidered ballerina is on the front to remind us what exactly this bag is for.
her dance baglittle ballerinasdance goodies
She loves dance. She practices at home a lot, not because I make her, but because she really loves it that much! Right before nap time, she will walk across her room with her hands up and on her toes for what seems like a million times. I have to remind her that it is nap time, not dance time. Seeing her in her little outfit really sobers me up that my little True is no longer a baby, but she will always be a baby to me.

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