the nesting starts

September 9, 2009

Remember this room? I rearranged it just a tad bit.  
a little rearranging
We aren’t officially giving new babycakies a room yet. She will be sleeping in a bassinet in our room for a bit and then when she is ready, she will move into Brave’s room and Brave will move in with True. So, since I don’t officially have a baby room to decorate, I am trying to rearrange what I can to fulfill this nesting desire. 
Also, Linda and John gave Brave this cute little rocker from an antique shop that may have helped prompt this little decorating kick, but combined with my nesting going into overdrive, this has just been the beginning of my crazy doings around the house.
on her new old rocking chairher own pillowturquoise + orange = lovely
The cute little rocker definitely called for some pillows. The embroidered pillow is made from some vintage linen and the floral one is made from a vintage tablecloth. I really love the turquoise and orange combination. There is still plenty of tablecloth left and I am thinking of making some bags to put in the shop or maybe just more pillows for the house. We will see…
Changing the subject, the evenings have finally started cooling down here and I love it. Fall is just around the corner. I am so excited! Aren’t you? 

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