September 10, 2009

from the garden food
from the garden food
from the garden stuff
barbeque chicken pizza
(from top to bottom: swiss chard & tomatoes from the garden with white beans; basil, tomato, chicken garlic oil pasta; shrimp, basil, tomato pasta garlic oil; barbeque chicken pizza on whole wheat dough)
With the garden growing, we have enjoyed many meals using ingredients from things right in our own backyard. Everyday, I (or Ben) spend time watering our little garden. I always thought I would end up having a brown thumb like my mom (no offense mom), but so far so good. Tending to garden is quite relaxing, as long as the weather isn’t too hot. I never imagined that I would enjoy it so much.
Our dinners have been more interesting of late. One of the main reasons is Ben now works so close to home and his schedule is not as hectic, so the main chef of the house is finally back. He is definitely much better in the kitchen than I am. He knows how to mix ingredients really well to get something superb and healthy. Me? I have to follow recipes. My Benny is just that good. Another of the reasons I love him so much!

Thanks to our home grown ingredients of basil, tomatoes, and swiss chard, we have enjoyed many delicious meals with many more sure to come. Now, what shall we have for dinner tonight?
p.s. I get emails regarding what type of cameras or sewing machine I use, so I finally put the info up in my sidebar on the right. Just in case you were interested.

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