September 7, 2015

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Excited about the antique 8 foot farm table that’s coming to replace our current 6 foot farm table (see here). If anyone local is interested in the table, shoot me an email, I plan to list it on craigslist.

I found the cutest vintage sweater coat at the thrift store. It was a cut that I was thinking about making, but thought I no longer had too. Well, there was no label, and I thought it was an acrylic blend of sorts, so I threw it in the wash… yeah, now it fits True. I was so sad! I tried unshrinking it, and it did get slightly bigger. I can get it on now, but it’s not the boxy loose fit that it was originally (super fitted now). I’m thinking about trying Unshrink It, but not sure if it will really work. Anyone ever use it before?

I want to make quirky characters like these with the girls.

Is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? I really liked what this article had to say when speaking about others.

My creative space is clean again, so now it’s ready for more messes! I can’t wait to start making projects in their again. I didn’t really do much in there all summer because it was insanely messy.

I want to teach my children grace, even though I really struggle with it. I want to teach them to love the gospel, even though I often run from it. I want them to learn that in my brokenness that’s where Jesus meets me and loves me. So even though I suck at all those things, it’s never about what I do, but about grace and the gospel. Jesus on that cross in my place is what matters. I think they learn a lot of good from seeing mommy mess up from time to time because I get to talk about who took my mess and made it clean.

I love these old wire mattress springs up on a wall.

This long weekend is great because it gives us a chance to get a lot of things done and still have time to get some rest in too. Happy Labor Day to my stateside friends! And to everyone else… happy Monday!

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  • ashleigh says:

    I love your thoughts on grace. I feel it’s a virtue that often gets overlooked. If you come up with any great ways to teach it besides endless attempts to live it please share.

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