smitten with weaving

September 8, 2015

I have long admired weaving since it popped into the crafting scene, but hesitated actually trying it. After the Michaels Makers Summit, and learning from Anabel, I was completely smitten with this craft. I find the movement of weaving the yarn through the loom very relaxing, and it makes it really hard to put down the loom once I get started. My new found love for weaving is probably what motivated me to clean my craft space, so that I could have a place to display my yarn. I have a few different looms, this one is the one we were given at the summit to learn on, I have a beautiful one from Lost Pond Looms that Anabel so graciously sent my way, and then I followed her tutorial on CreativeBug to make my own loom. I want to make a bigger loom, and maybe order this large one from Lost Pond Looms. I have no idea what to do with the weavings I make (I can only hang so many in my home), so my friends better be prepared to receive a weaving for their birthday or any special occasion that may come up.

Have you picked up any new craft hobbies lately?

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