polaroid tuesday: week forty-two

October 20, 2009

Squash galore.
week forty-two
I used this polaroid land camera and I am still not used to it. It calls for sx-70 film, but I just used my 600 film, so I am not quite skilled at how to adjust it and compensate for the overexposure. Nevertheless, I still think “messed” up polaroid pictures still look nice.
And can you believe this is week forty-two in my polaroid series?!! That means 10 weeks left until 2010. That is just crazy!!! Seriously. I am just dumbfounded looking at the calendar. Also, in a little over two weeks is my birthday, which I am usually so excited about, but I think with 2 kids and being pregnant, I have forgone my usual birthday countdown as there is just so much going on. Plus, who knows what I will want to eat that day as this baby makes me darn picky (starting to feel like first trimester all over again)! Though, I did give Ben a teeny tiny wish list that involve some plastic cameras. I really love those, so we’ll see.
Thanks also to Amy for the blog love. You all have probably seen these house pictures before and I should probably take some new ones as things have changed (just a tad bit). Thanks Amy!

Don’t forget to enter as the sponsor giveaway will end tomorrow. Though, there will be another lovely one up this weekend. Thank you everyone for being so welcoming!

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